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Film Feature
The Enterprise Through The Ages
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The Enterprise Through The Ages | NCC-1701
The Enterprise Through The Ages
The first and most basic iteration, the humble 1701 was the ship that first took Kirk and co to the final frontier in the original sixties TV show. Rudimentary at best, this may look like the kind of thing that might fall out of a cracker but the design formed the basis for one of sci-fi�s most iconic images.
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The Enterprise E was NOT upstaged by the Defiant! Anyway, the refit and the E are the best deffo. And the new one one looks amazing. Cant wait to see it in action. Nuff said. ... Read More

Radical_Duck About me

16:54, 20 April 2009 | Report This Post
RE: I like it
The new enterprise looks amazing but the inside looks like the in side of the crusier at the start of STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE. The inside of 1701-D looks better AND i hated that ship it was to big. Iwas happy when it was destroyed in Generations. Possibly the best ships were the nx-01,1701/aand 1701_E ... Read More

MasterChief19 About me

15:42, 13 April 2009 | Report This Post
I know this one!  The release date was changed from December to May because the studio saw there was one weekend in the summer where there were no other premieres.  Makes sense to me -- as the only major film opening that weekend it's got the whole box office to itself, and action films do better in summer than winter openings. ... Read More

StarbaseDublin About me

21:37, 24 November 2008 | Report This Post
I Don't Like It
I'm looking at the ship and I just don't like what they did to the lower hull. I had expected them to update the original design for today's SFX standards, but what the frak did they do? My favorite Enterprise is NCC-1701-A from the movies. The original TOS version was sort of a clunky thing, but the movie refit for Trek I-VI looks like a thoroughbred. I have the huge Polar Lights model on my dresser, and she looks like she's straining at the bit and wants to fly. Second favorite: Enter... Read More

StarbaseDublin About me

21:34, 24 November 2008 | Report This Post
USS JJ Abrams
It sucks. It looks like it was deigned by Toyota. The original Enterprise from the original series is the best. Followed by the enterprise E. ... Read More

Spaceman Spiff About me

05:22, 24 November 2008 | Report This Post
The Original -- The Legend.
The best Enterprise is the one that started it all. Sure, it didn't look too hot under the original production values -- but have you LOOKED at the photo of it here? It's not simplistic -- it's military-grade simple. It's Keep It Simple, Stupid, solid engineering simple. You want glowing lights everywhere? Watch a show with a damn Christmas tree. These are military (or paramilitary) naval vessels, not the Vegas fucking Strip in space. And Ryan Church's Enterprise? Looks like someone kyped the... Read More

sentinelangel About me

23:23, 19 November 2008 | Report This Post
I grew up on Next Gen so I think I would have to go with the Enterprise D. Though I was rather keen on the NX-01. The new Enterprise does look at tad squashed, but will be reserving judgement till I see it in all its glory...why is the release date so far away!?!? ... Read More

pussy_galore About me

15:12, 18 November 2008 | Report This Post
I like the one with space and colours! ... Read More

deadboy About me

18:46, 14 November 2008 | Report This Post
A beautiful looking ship... looks like Abrams went with a practical model instead of souless CGI. Good work! ... Read More

Cameron1975Williams About me

10:53, 14 November 2008 | Report This Post
Abrams' Enterprise
Just like everything else I've seen for this movie (with the exception of Quinto as Spock) this is one UGLY motherfuckin' ship! It looks like someone's grabbed the Enterprise & horizontally squashed it. The best looking Enterprise has been the Sovereign class 'E' used in First Contact onwards. ... Read More

Tenacious P About me

00:15, 14 November 2008 | Report This Post
The 'Enterprise' spin-off series never gets much love. It was probably my favourite incarnation of Trek so far (I know I am in a minority there). The T'pol and Trip love story was touching (T'pol being super hot didn't hurt either) and Archer was a great captain. Liked the NX-01 loads too. More love for 'Enterprise' please! ... Read More

giddig About me

19:07, 13 November 2008 | Report This Post
RE: Refit, not reboot
A lot of Star Trek ships really are beautiful compared to pretty much any other sci-fi franchise, including Star Wars. Picking a favourite Enterprise is extremely hard though, but gun to my head, I'd have to stump for the E just ahead of the D. I have to disagree with empire though as I think the Enterprise J is extremely beautiful and looks completely badass as well. The Enterprise B is extremely ugly though and they should never have used an Excelsior class vessel for the Federation Flag... Read More

HIM About me

11:13, 13 November 2008 | Report This Post
Refit, not reboot
Gotta be Enterprise Refit. It still looks huge, yet elegant (much like myself), and beautifully lit in the first movie. Wish I could say the same about JJ Abrams' rather ungainly looking effort. ... Read More

herbertwest1701 About me

21:13, 12 November 2008 | Report This Post
Ugly?!? The Variant 1701-D looks amazing, one of the better ST ships IMO, along with the Akira class of course :-) Aaaah, the joys of being a geek.......... ... Read More

warren7355 About me

21:07, 12 November 2008 | Report This Post
loved this !!
God I love being a geek - its a damn good job I'm so pretty or I would never get laid !! ... Read More

waltham1979 About me

17:00, 12 November 2008 | Report This Post

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