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New And Improved! 65 Movie Twitterers You Should Follow
We sort the tweet from the chaff, so you don't have to.

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Tom Hanks
58 Tom Hanks
Follow @tomhanks

Who he?
Superstar, back-to-back Oscar winner and lifetime holder of the Nicest Man in Hollywood award. Hanks starred in Philadelphia, Forrest Gump, the Toy Story franchise, Cast Away and Saving Private Ryan, and seems a bit like your dad. Only nicer.

Typical Tweets:
They're almost always twitpics, photos of his life as he travels from set to set and location to location, backstage peeks at the production of his latest, Larry Crowne, and also titbits of news:

Tom Hanks Twitter Thinking to shoot Larry Crowne not in 3-D, but 6-D. May go all the way to 7- or 8-D. Stand by. Hanx.

Likelihood he'll Tweet you back:
Zero, zip, zilch.

Page 58 of 65


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Your Comments
Posted on Monday May 21, 2012, 06:36 by londondillon
Great list to which l have used to increase my following count considerably. I do however feel that Ron Howard should have been on this list. He is excellent at giving on set photo updates of the days filming and regularly gets back to fans. Alec Baldwin is also one for constantly getting back to people. I sadly suggest no one follow Mark Ruffalo, he blocks your feed with tweets and retweets about 'fracking' it's highly annoying! Read More

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Posted on Monday April 4, 2011, 05:26 by gefwer
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3 Where's Zooey Deschanel?!
Posted on Saturday April 2, 2011, 11:32 by MiaZappa
@therealzooeyd - arguably one of the best people on Twitter! She's just as charming and witty in 140 characters as she is on the big screen. Undoubtedly an instant follow! Read More

4 fdshdfs
Posted on Saturday April 2, 2011, 08:22 by
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5 Cool twitter people
Posted on Thursday March 31, 2011, 13:37 by evs75
@hwinkler4real - Henry Winkler is a thoroughly nice guy, tweets back to followers on occasions and talks about everything from cooking to football. Read More

6 Charlie Sheen? Don't think so
Posted on Thursday March 31, 2011, 08:55 by nae_mair
Its actually a well known fact Charlie Sheen doesn't do his own twitter he has someone that "tweets" for him - a "ghost tweeter" . As do a growing number of celebs. It's mostly because they are boring as hell and can't think of anything funny, witty or intelligent to say. Read More

7 Also...
Posted on Monday March 28, 2011, 07:08 by Princess_Berserk
@DAVID_A_SLADE is great for some obscure comments, beautiful photos he takes himself, behind the scenes updates on movies he's a part of (or even dispelling gossip for movies he's not working on) and the odd colourful rant! Classic. Read More

8 enemyspout.... exactly
Posted on Sunday March 27, 2011, 23:34 by Dirtyfunkymonkey
my thoughts exactly... I don't any people that can actually be bothered.... Read More

9 Yeah but....
Posted on Sunday March 27, 2011, 13:09 by Knight of Fury
since so many public figures have assistants (or 'media interns') running there Twitter accounts (and other social networking media), how do you know it's actually the real deal? I mean it may feel great to get a direct response from your hero, but what if it's actually a 24 year old PR & Marketing graduate? Read More

Posted on Saturday March 26, 2011, 17:47 by Whistler
"(Elizabeth Banks) has twitter dialogue with Nathan Fillion, which makes her awesome" Yes, yes it does. Read More

Posted on Saturday March 26, 2011, 09:10 by enemysprout
Is there a way to get e memo to the whole of the media world to let them know that most people don't use Twitter, and it just seems that way because they all do? Read More

12 edit
Posted on Friday March 25, 2011, 16:01 by raven_girl
Ellen Page joining twitter is one of the most awesome things to happen ever. i've had a quite a few replies from celebs, can't remember everyone but Jane Fonda, Simon Pegg, Courtney Love have all responded, the most recent replies have come from Kristen Prout and the legend that is Joe Mantegna. I've also made friends on twitter with Vanessa Chester who was a child star and played Jeff Goldlum's daughter in Jurassic Park 2, she's pretty awesome Read More

13 Noteworthy Additions
Posted on Friday March 25, 2011, 13:58 by Mr DArcy
Here's a few more that I thought were noteworthy: @ferretprincess (Jane Goldman) @ActuallyNPH (Neil Patrick Harris) @johncusack @EllenPage @JuddApatow @RealSlyStallone @ZackSnyder @CarrieFFisher @jondarcy Read More

14 Someone get Leonard Nimoy out of the sun...
Posted on Friday March 25, 2011, 13:54 by Gazme
he's meeeelllllttttiiiinnngggg... Read More

Posted on Sunday January 2, 2011, 22:14 by Boobo
I follow some other celebrities on Twitter, mainly @ChloeGMoretz, who mainly talks about her filming schedule for Hugo Cabret and her home life, and wiww, the archnemesis of Sheldon Cooper who does talk about Big Bang Theory Read More

16 RE: Or, you could read TheWrap's story on this from October 2009
Posted on Thursday July 8, 2010, 14:42 by Y2Neildotcom
2"]How did you not mention @Y2Neildotcom ? :p Good list, I'm following 90% of those already, other highly recommended artists are @wheatus , @indywoodFILMS @JimGaffigan @MJMcKean @DaveGorman @RobBrydon Rock. Read More

17 RE: If u want funny...
Posted on Thursday July 1, 2010, 01:40 by Ultimo Lee
L: jo_solent Peter Serafinowicz . Funny as fuck. completely different person away from TV? Interesting Read More


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