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Shane Black And Drew Pearce Share 18 Incredible Iron Man 3 Secrets
As heard on Empire's Iron Man 3 spoiler podcast...

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Iron Man 3 director Shane Black and his co-writer Drew Pearce recently appeared in our Iron Man 3 spoiler podcast. In it, we discussed everything from what ended up on the cutting room floor to which football team a certain character supported.

But there was so much detail, it couldn't be contained in just one podcast news story, so here, like the Purvis and Wade Skyfall special before it, we've broken out several particularly interesting (and incredibly spoilerific) titbits for you to read at your leisure.

And again, just in case you haven't seen it already, go and see Iron Man 3 before reading this feature. Also, be sure to subscribe to the Empire Podcast so you don't miss out on our equally eye-opening Star Trek Into Darkness spoiler special...

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Shane Black And Drew Pearce Share 18 Incredible Iron Man 3 Secrets | They Considered The Five Nightmares
They Considered The Five Nightmares

Drew Pearce: We kicked around with a lot of stuff. Both separately and together, Extremis and The Mandarin are two of the most iconic parts of Iron Man, but we talked a lot about the Five Nightmares* as well…

Shane Black: Yeah, in fact the version of Extremis that ends up in the movie is suspiciously similar to the actual way that bomb people manifest in Five Nightmares – it’s kind of a mash-up, as it were.

 *The Five Nightmares were seen in an 2008 Iron Man comic book run – The Invincible Iron Man #1-7 – where son of Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges in the first Iron Man movie) Ezekiel Stane uses Iron Man tech-inspired suicide bombers against Tony. Find out more details here.

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1 RE: These would've made it SO much better!!
L: LRigby Say what you like about the Mandarin twist, but the overall execution of this movie was pretty rushed/sloppy (especially the ending)! So basically the Dark Knight Rises all over again. Still an enjoyable movie though! ink what you really meant is that IM3 is an even bigger mess than The Avengers. More

Posted by MarvelU on Monday May 27, 2013, 15:02

2 These would've made it SO much better!!
Say what you like about the Mandarin twist, but the overall execution of this movie was pretty rushed/sloppy (especially the ending)! So basically the Dark Knight Rises all over again. Still an enjoyable movie though! More

Posted by LRigby on Saturday May 18, 2013, 18:12

3 Who ate all the
Damn, Jon Favreau has gotten faaaattt More

Posted by rob_devitt on Wednesday May 8, 2013, 08:30

4 Extended Edition?
I am REALLY hoping for an extended cut of IM3 on blu-ray, knowing how much hit the cutting room floor. Probably nothing but a dream, but there should at least be deleted scenes - preferably branching into the actual feature... More

Posted by dctuck on Tuesday May 7, 2013, 16:06

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