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10 Things You'll See In The Hobbit 2 And 3
What to expect when you're on an unexpected journey

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10 Things You'll See In The Hobbit 2 And 3 | 4. Stephen Fry Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before
4. Stephen Fry Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

“I’ve got a bald cap and a really bad comb-over wig, and this wispy moustache, wispy beard, horrible blotchy skin and disgusting fingernails.” That’s how Stephen Fry described his character in The Hobbit — the Master of Laketown — when speaking to Digital Spy in 2011. Down in New Zealand to pen a Dam Busters remake with Peter Jackson, Fry ended up being recruited to play the greedy and grotesque politician, who makes up for with belly what he lacks in backbone. And by all accounts, the character has given Jackson the chance to gleefully hark back to his icky early work. “[The Master] is an opportunity for sheer grossness,” says Fry. “Peter had me eating testicles.”

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Great. Another installment made up of a series of random encounters. More

Posted by harlequin21 on Tuesday January 15, 2013, 10:56

2 Bolg is definitely in the book.
The Battle of Five Armies is a bit of a damp squib on the page as we follow Bilbo's point of view and he gets knocked out and misses 90% of it. Tolkien does not go into detail either, Bilbo is awake - knocked out - awakes - aftermath. Bolg does indeed appear though - as he leads the Orcs into Battle. More

Posted by The Red Avenger on Monday January 14, 2013, 13:39

3 Most Enjoyable!
Have to agree with BelfastBoy, all good points! However it does raise a good question, we never see female orcs/trolls or are they 'A' sexual and just spontaneously 'multiply? like gremlins? More

Posted by Dougsmoog on Monday January 14, 2013, 13:11

4 RE: Azog and Bolg
Orcs were originally elves who were twisted beyond recognition by Morgoth, like Trolls they cannot withstand daylight. Uruk-Hai were created by Saruman (and also by Sauron) depicted by Mr Jackson as born from the earth and these guys can walk in daylight unlike their cousins. So orcish happy times with a puddle of mud is off the cards. More

Posted by haffy73 on Friday January 11, 2013, 21:58

5 RE: Azog and Bolg
I'm confused, how does he have a son? Does he knock one off into some mud and they are born a la the Uruk Hai that Saruman creates? More

Posted by elliottpotter on Thursday January 10, 2013, 13:13

6 Azog and Bolg
Can't wait to see Bolg. Azog was one of the best things about The Hobbit! Coolest bad guy I've seen in a long while. More

Posted by a_man_and_his_monkey on Wednesday January 9, 2013, 13:28

7 RE: Hate to be a geek...
BelfastBoy - they're production material. The barrels/ Beorn concept art was part of the banner released before the films were split into a trilogy. The Bolg shot was released late last year — presumably he was originally going to turn up at the end of An Unexpected Journey. More

Posted by Nick de Semlyen on Tuesday January 8, 2013, 15:40

8 RE: Hate to be a geek...
Questions: - The photos of Gandalf and Beorn, Bolg etc: are these Empire mockups or actual production stuff? I'm guessing mockups since the magazine seems to launch a news story for every new still these days. - Is Jackson yet again going to emasculate Gandalf? ROTK strongly indicated that the Witch-king was more powerful than Gandalf the White, which would never be the case and has no foundation in the source material. But yet again it could be that Gandalf comes off worse during whatever happens in Dol Guldur? Sorry to get nerdish for a moment, but Gandalf (Olorin) and Sauron are both originally Maiar, roughly equivalent to each other. When Olorin was embodied as a wizard, he would've lost a great deal of his original angelic power. But Sauron, disembodied after the loss of the One Ring, too suffered a great dimunution of his powers - as the Necromancer his powers are still recovering, so the White Council (especially the three wizards) should be able to take him?! More

Posted by BelfastBoy on Tuesday January 8, 2013, 12:53

9 Hate to be a geek...
...but Bolg is in the book, and Azog is mentioned. Azog is killed by Dain (Billy Connely) long before the book, in a battle at Moria, the one changed to the Thorin/Azog confrontation flashback. Bolg, his son, then leads the goblin/warg/bats in the Battle of the Five Armies. More

Posted by TwelveMonkeys on Tuesday January 8, 2013, 12:12

10 Could have lived without...
Orlando Bloom's camp abomination and bastardization of Legolas in The Hobbit!! He made me sad face all the way through LOTR..."would you like me to fetch you a box?!"...*Waltham weeps* More

Posted by waltham1979 on Tuesday January 8, 2013, 10:37

11 RE:
But he named Cobra, right? More

Posted by gregoire on Tuesday January 8, 2013, 07:08

My Dear Hobbits, The Five armies in the Battle of Five armies are very specifically named by Tolkien: The Goblins and the Wargs on one side, and the Men, Elves, and Dwarves on the other. The Eagles do not count. More

Posted by NeoBrowser on Tuesday January 8, 2013, 00:56

13 Spiders
I am NOT looking forward to them at all. Shelob I could deal with, but nah spiders go through me. Think I've have to grit my teeth and just sit through them though just so I can see Evangeline Lilly as a elf More

Posted by ZachBobBob on Tuesday January 8, 2013, 00:10

14 I just want to see Beorn!
Always my favourite character as a child. This could be due to the fact that he had pet horses that guarded his house but it's probably just because he can change into a bear. More

Posted by jennylouise on Monday January 7, 2013, 20:26

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