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Empire's Best Films Of 2012
The Empire staff choose their top 20 of the year - is your favourite on the list?

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The Dark Knight Rises

DIRECTOR Christopher Nolan
STARS Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway

There's no getting around it: Heath Ledger casts a very long shadow. His turn as Batman's nemesis in The Dark Knight was a bravura performance in a near perfectly crafted film (let's not get bogged down in the myriad plot holes). Had Ledger's untimely death not leant the role an almost mythic quality, The Joker would still have been the saga's iconic villain and, by extension, the second film its lynchpin. But despite all of that Bane, and not Joker, is now my favourite Batman villain. With most 'behind-the-mask' roles, the performance is all in the eyes. With Bane, it's all in the biceps. Hardy turned out an exquisitely physical performance, conveying every inch of Bane's malevolent dedication through posture and bearing alone. When he faces down the hero in the tunnels beneath the city, he crushes his enemy with relentless, methodical ease – the first time we've ever felt that Batman is well and truly out of his depth. His much-maligned accent lends a tone of maturity and world-weariness, and with one look at Talia al Ghul towards the film's climax, he conveys a depth of character and emotion that elevates him far beyond that of a misguided thug. Hardy's Bane may lack the flamboyant chaos that Ledger so personified, but the measured menace in his portrayal of Bane is just as worthy of respect.

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Your Comments

1 RE:
Avengers was a hugely entertaining movie, as was skyfall and there worthy of there positions! Should swap TDKR (the godfather 3 of the batman movies!) for the hobbit though! Read More

Posted on Thursday January 3, 2013, 17:07 by tfett

2 RE:
You're a funny guy Empire, I like you. Thats why I'm going to kill you last. my list 2012 1) Django Unchained 2) Flight 3) Rust and Bone 4) Cloud Atlas 5) Safety Not Guaranteed 6) DREDD 7) THE DARK KNIGHT RISES 8) Ted 9) Life of Pi 10) End of Watch Read More

Posted on Wednesday December 26, 2012, 14:35 by Oldb0y

3 RE:
Totally agree with seven28uk - The Grey was brilliant, totally sucked me in and I have never researched so much about wolves until after seeing that film! Cabin in the Woods, although different, not exactly a film of the year top 20. I have only seen half of the films on the list - Headhunters a good call. Avengers, hmmmmmmmmmm.... Read More

Posted on Thursday December 20, 2012, 14:52 by owenyunfat

4 RE: You Fools!
L: oxfordlover Seriously why isnt The Hobbit on the list, it was amazing, anyone who who complains about it is just hating on a successful film, just like Titanic all over again! What a load of idiotic nonsense! Read More

Posted on Thursday December 20, 2012, 13:49 by Filmfan 2

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