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Empire's Best Films Of 2012
The Empire staff choose their top 20 of the year - is your favourite on the list?

This list is compiled through everyone at Empire submitting a personal top 10 list of their favourite movies released over the course of 2012. These votes are then collated together to produce this bigger list, so if a film was in many peoples' top 5s, say, those movies ended naturally higher up on this longer list.


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The Hunt

DIRECTOR Thomas Vinterberg
STARS Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen

Mud sticks. That's one of the central messages at the heart of The Hunt, the other being that Mads Mikkelsen can remain cool in any role. Dealing with allegations of child abuse, the film is unexpectedly timely and, by necessity, a touch on the grim side. But while you'd be forgiven for expecting a depressing slice of misery porn, Danish writer-director Thomas Vinterberg (who co-launched the Dogme movement 14 years ago) gets the balance just right – and the result is compelling. Revealing the senseless nature of the mob mentality, where The Hunt really succeeds is in its ability to get you thinking. Rarely less than riveting, it's a powerful, autumn-tinged drama-thriller which thought-provokingly details how quickly accusations can snowball into close-minded recrimination. Ultimately, a movie like this stands or falls on its lead performance, and Mads Mikkelsen – still best known as eye-weeping Bond villain Le Chiffre – is magnificent. You could argue that his outcast teacher doesn't protest strongly enough, but this only serves to make his eventual eruption all the more affecting.

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Your Comments

1 RE:
Avengers was a hugely entertaining movie, as was skyfall and there worthy of there positions! Should swap TDKR (the godfather 3 of the batman movies!) for the hobbit though! Read More

Posted on Thursday January 3, 2013, 17:07 by tfett

2 RE:
You're a funny guy Empire, I like you. Thats why I'm going to kill you last. my list 2012 1) Django Unchained 2) Flight 3) Rust and Bone 4) Cloud Atlas 5) Safety Not Guaranteed 6) DREDD 7) THE DARK KNIGHT RISES 8) Ted 9) Life of Pi 10) End of Watch Read More

Posted on Wednesday December 26, 2012, 14:35 by Oldb0y

3 RE:
Totally agree with seven28uk - The Grey was brilliant, totally sucked me in and I have never researched so much about wolves until after seeing that film! Cabin in the Woods, although different, not exactly a film of the year top 20. I have only seen half of the films on the list - Headhunters a good call. Avengers, hmmmmmmmmmm.... Read More

Posted on Thursday December 20, 2012, 14:52 by owenyunfat

4 RE: You Fools!
L: oxfordlover Seriously why isnt The Hobbit on the list, it was amazing, anyone who who complains about it is just hating on a successful film, just like Titanic all over again! What a load of idiotic nonsense! Read More

Posted on Thursday December 20, 2012, 13:49 by Filmfan 2

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