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The Expendables 2 Viewers' Guide
What to watch before (and after) the explosive action sequel

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Sylvester Stallone Arnold Schwarzenegger Dolph Lundgren Jean-Claude Van Damme Jason Statham Terry Crews Chuck Norris Bruce Willis Jet Li

A stylish, more assured follow-up to The Stath's 2002 action movie debut, Transporter 2 takes the coolest moments from the original – deflecting rockets with a silver tea tray, blasting a door (and the bad guy behind it) across a room with a flying kick – and ups the ante significantly. Standout moments include the car park to car park leap, the hospital shootout and, um, Jason taking his top off as part of a choreographed fight move. For more of the latter, see The Transporter, The Transporter 3, Mean Machine...

Though Lock Stock contains a line that echoes perfectly with his character in the Expendables franchise – Soap's mantra "Guns for show, knives for a pro" – Guy Ritchie's second slice of Statham contains much more of our man's genuine acting talent. Unfortunately, the Academy turned up their nose at Turkish's ability to decipher Brad Pitt's gypsy drawl, but at least Statham could brag about delivering such immortal lines as "It's an unlicensed boxing match, not a tickling competition" and "Quick, before 'Zee Germans' get here". Swings and roundabouts, eh?

Part comedy, part action spectacular, 100% batshit crazy, the original Neveldine/Taylor feature is a post-modern action classic that forces you to constantly question whether you're actually watching what you're actually watching. Whether it's Chev Chelios lopping off a goon's hand with a machete – and shouting in his ear immediately afterwards, "How frickin' awesome was that?" – or leaving a message on his girlfriend's answerphone as he falls to his death, it's all a demented, frantic, hilarious mess.

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1 NOBODYS FOOL is a masterpiece
forget 12 monkeys and pulp fiction the best work on screen he ever did was this really beauty full dramedy with paul newman in 1994 called NOBODYS FOOL watch it please trust me it will make you fall in love with cinema all over again Read More

Posted on Saturday August 18, 2012, 04:39 by bill the butcher

2 "Dark Angel" aka "I Come In Peace" (US Title)
For the record, Dark Angel with Dolph Lundgren has my favourite movie line of all-time. After Dolph and his partner arrest the alien villain, he promptly self-destructs on the back seat of their cop car. "Did you see that?" Dolph says to partner Brian Benben. "Did I see it?" Benben replies, "it nearly blew my fucking face off!" Read More

Posted on Friday August 17, 2012, 21:27 by BenTramer

3 Stallone's Demolition Man is the funniest film he's ever made, far funnier than his alleged comedies like Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot or Oscar. As for First Blood, I totally agree with Empire that it's "a first-rate, taught action thriller that still doesn't quite get the respect it deserves." First Blood was tainted by unproven association with Hungerford spree killer Michael Ryan. The book of First Blood is even better with many things left out that should have been in the movie and would have improved things even more (but DON'T remake it, please!) Read More

Posted on Friday August 17, 2012, 21:12 by BenTramer


Posted on Friday August 17, 2012, 14:45 by colinnaraine

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