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18 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About The Cornetto Trilogy
… as revealed on Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s special Empire podcast.

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Shaun Of The Dead. Hot Fuzz. The World’s End. Now, with the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy now complete, and the ice cream almost melted from the cone, Empire sat down with Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright to get the real scoops for a very special podcast. Taken from that 75-minute slice of fried podcast gold, here are some of the things you may not have known about the three films...

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Shaun Of The Dead Behind-The-Scenes

1 As they prepared Shaun Of The Dead, Wright and Pegg had never written together before. They insist they were very studious in the process, though, and relied heavily on Syd Field's book, The Definitive Guide To Screenwriting: "We would try and match the events in the movie to his act chart... The reason why we read all these books was because we'd never written a film before." Pegg admits Spaced was more unconventional and anarchic, so writing a film proved to be a very different experience: "We were just curious to see if those rules did apply, and they did. And really good, well-structured movies that genuinely satisfy you – Raiders, those kinds of films that just leave you thinking, 'Oh, that was great' – tend to have a development which is fairly uniform... We basically discovered that we weren't going to write three consecutive sitcom episodes – we had to write a different kind of animal."

2 Wright is still angry that his first feature, A Fistful Of Fingers, got one star from Empire (since bumped up to three). "Thank you [then Reviews Editor] Caroline Westbrook! I haven't memorised the review. The only nice thing that it said was, 'There's just enough talent in the director to predict that he might be ashamed in the future...'" Not that he's holding too many grudges today: "I think when I made that film – which is very, very silly – I had a sort of a moment when I'd made it, afterwards when I was editing it, when I suddenly realised I'd committed something to film and there was no way back... I realised the big difference between an amateur film and a professional film – and I was very much still in the amateur camp."

3 Pre-Spaced, Wright directed French & Saunders' Titanic-themed Christmas Special way back in 1998. "It seems bizarre when that's on UK Gold, and I go, 'Oh yeah, I shot that...'"
Shaun Of The Dead cast
4 When they were writing Shaun, Pegg was a lot more optimistic than Wright. "I just assumed it would get done. Edgar was obviously more in touch with [long-time producer] Nira Park... and reality." The film was initially developed at Film4, but the company had to give it up, forcing the duo and Park to pitch it to other (hopefully) interested parties, including Working Title. Wright remembers it as a very tense year, not knowing if the project would happen at all. In the end, Simon and Edgar were in Iceland (the country, not the frozen food shop) just before Christmas in 2002, when they got the call from Working Title that Shaun was going to get made. They started shooting the following March.

5 Wright still owes Pegg £600 from that period – perhaps explaining the same debt Gary repays to Andy in The World's End. At that point, Wright was heavily in the red, having turned down various TV offers just in case Shaun got the green light. His landlord even reduced his rent for him. But it was all for the best, as Pegg reflects: "It just shows how in certain situations with getting films made, you have to hold your nerve. If you don't, these chances slip by, and thank goodness [Edgar] did."

6 Nick Frost not only waited tables between series 1 and 2 of Spaced, but even after series 2.
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1 Should have stuck with a two piece
The World's End dreadful. A real disappointing end to the trilogy. Shaun and Fuzz genius, were the guys as drunk writing it as they were acting in the film? Awful. More

Posted by shanerobinson on Tuesday December 3, 2013, 21:16

2 RE: Shame...
Thought Pegg was awesome as the asshole in worlds end. Was nice to see him playing a different style of character More

Posted by beardyphysics on Tuesday December 3, 2013, 18:36

3 RE: Shame...
I regard The World's End as 'The Meaning of Life' entry of the Three Flavours trilogy. Not a classic like the first to instalments, but still a solid and enjoyable film. More

Posted by Cynric on Saturday November 30, 2013, 18:41

4 RE: Shame...
I wouldn't say "sh*t" at all. Hugely underrated and misunderstood. I thought Thomas Law was Pegg's best role, and despite dreading the idea of Nick Frost as the straight man, I found him to be great. I was disappointed with Martin Freeman though but that was more the character rather than the performance. Not quite SotD/HF but definitely not "sh*t". More

Posted by QuietLife on Friday November 29, 2013, 15:18

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