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Film Studies 101
The Batmobile And Batsuit: A Visual History
How those marvellous suits and cars have changed through the years…

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Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice director Zack Snyder unveiled his new-look Batmobile and a glimpse of Ben Affleck in his new Batman costume yesterday. It was met with wide acclaim, some condemnation (as is inevitable in any discussion of Batman) and lots of jokes about Batman’s bulked-up look. But how does it compare to previous suits and cars through the years? We’ve gone back to take a look…


BATMAN (1943)

Lewis Wilson was technically the first screen Batman, appearing in a 15 film serial in 1943. Why is he so often overlooked? Well, probably because his costume is utter bobbins. The giant granny pants, the shiny disco-belt and the razor-pointed ears all give him the air of a rather half-assed cosplayer, and his physique is more 'gym teacher' than 'world’s finest'. Worst of all, his Batmobile was just a black limo! What even is the point of a Batman – a secret agent fighting World War II Japanese spies, no less – who can’t even commit to his own logo?

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1 RE: With all respect to mr Snyder!
Might be an idea for you to actually read some Batman comics...short ears appear a lot! More

Posted by errant82 on Friday September 12, 2014, 00:56

2 With all respect to mr Snyder!
Is Ben supposed to play the long and lost Blackpanther? The suit seems okay but the ears are a total disaster. It doesn't embody the Batman. I am sorry but if i decide to watch B&S i would get irritated about those ears that look more like cat ears. Come on Zack you please change this. More

Posted by filmfreak1980 on Saturday June 7, 2014, 12:10

Best Batman movie, suit, & car ever! More

Posted by VadersudeR on Wednesday May 21, 2014, 14:03

4 Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh!...those ears!
The more detail I see on the new suit, the more impressed I am...the patterns on the armour are like a nod to its Kevlar underpinnings, plus the rumours of Affleck putting in serious gym time seem to be true. But those ears! They're more like cat ears, as at least one other comment pointed out. So the overall effect is more like Pantherman than Batman. More

Posted by Belisarius0365 on Friday May 16, 2014, 16:23

Not mention of the most badass thing about the Nolan Tumbler in TDK: it's ability to transform into the BatPod. More

Posted by lexpack on Friday May 16, 2014, 09:24

6 Epic Moment
I still remember a few very rare and breathtaking moments I had as a child: 1) The JAWS poster in 1975. 2) Seeing Darth Vader for the first time. 3) Seeing a picture of Keaton in his batsuit, followed by another unique moment: His Batmobile: I think it was designed by Anton Furst, who later junped off a parking garage in LA if memory serves me well. He must have been a mad genius though: His legacy is this legendary and awesome creation. Wow! More

Posted by Saxsymbol on Thursday May 15, 2014, 20:28

Great article about batman costumes and batmobiles through movie history... More

Posted by kaligula on Thursday May 15, 2014, 18:28

8 Who are these people?
I miss the genius of writing. Always the same things, the same whining! More

Posted by Darth Zorne on Thursday May 15, 2014, 16:37

9 Lazy Much?
This is a really lazy article, I know they're not exactly the best costumes but at least include all of the ones in the Schumacher films. Plus the batman begins and dark knight costumes are as different from each other as they are from the Burton costume. Also the pics used for the Burton and Nolan Suits are terrible considering the article they are in. Aren't they supposed to be there so we can actually see what they look like. And another thing, stop just comparing the new costume and car to the old films. I'll admit there are some design elements lifted from the tumbler, but for the most part they are heavily inspired by the comics. The suit is a cross between Dark Knight Returns, Hush and the first 2 Arkham games, and the profile of the car is much more inline with comic versions. Phew, Rant over... More

Posted by RX78 on Thursday May 15, 2014, 16:33

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