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The Hidden Secrets Of The Amazing Spider-Man’s Deleted Scenes
Intriguing tidbits from the Amazing cutting room floor…

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10. All The Power You Feel (3.23)

Perhaps the most important deleted scene of the lot, this is the moment when Rajit Ratha, Curt Connors and Peter Parker meet in The Lizard’s lair. This was so close to actually making it into the finished film that snaps from it ended up in the official stills press release – see here for just one example – as well as certain trailers. Note that normally his green-socked forearm has been CGI-ed away too.

Connors takes the time to quote Michelangelo’s Silkworm to Peter, saying, “That, changing like the snake, I might be free / To cast the flesh wherein I dwell confined!” Needless to say, Peter recognises the quotation immediately because he’s a boy genius and loves all this stuff.

“Would you go back? After all you know you can do, all the power you feel? Would you give it all up?” asks Connors. Peter has no answer. Connors pauses, then brings up Peter’s dead father and his scientific work: “Richard never let me read his notes, he didn’t trust me. He knew how I felt. Incomplete. An aberration. I dream of a world where everyone is equal... and thanks to you, Peter, I’m going to make that happen.”

So the implication here is that Peter is somehow responsible for Connors’ mad plan to turn everyone into lizard monsters, purely by being a successful genetic mutation himself. No pressure then, Spider-Man.

Connors injects another dose of the Lizard juice before growling, hissing and turning his now-yellow eyes towards a frightened Peter.

Earlier in the scene, Connors explains that he “had to get a place off the grid.” Not off the grid enough, it seems, as Ratha’s imminent arrival with loaded gun proves.

The sock returneth! Also, if you ever wondered how good Rhys Ifans was at being-shot-repeatedly-acting, know this: he’s good. So good, in fact, that he timbers Del Boy-style towards the floor at the end.

Blasting bullets into former employees with one hand, spraying sedative into high schoolers’ faces with the other – Rajit Ratha: the multitasking mega-henchman.

“Peter, listen! We need the research,” says Ratha to a barely conscious Peter. “The science is flawed…” whispers Peter. “It’s working quite well on you. Did you ever stop and wonder why? Do you have any idea what you really are? The possibilities are magnificent – beyond your father’s wildest dreams…”

Did Richard Parker crack the code to genetically enhancing humans 15 years ago and not tell anyone? Did he try out his research on his own son? Did Peter’s spider bite earlier on in the film awake the work his father had done on him? What were Richard’s plans, exactly? Why was there a big spider in a jar in this office? Who experiments on a baby? What does Norman Osborn suffer from to make him go this far to steal obviously flawed research?

For anyone interested in the story behind the disappearance of Peter’s parents, this stuff is gold dust – gold dust that for some reason ended up on the cutting room floor.

On the sewer floor, however, is Peter Parker, who gets swatted across the room by a now revived Lizard.

Meanwhile, Rahta gets choked – just like the still we saw before – and then The Lizard opens wide and looks set to swallow his head whole. It’s unclear what was meant to happen Spidey after this, or The Lizard, or Rahta himself. Will Rahta appear in the sequel if this scene as been cut? We can presume he’s dead even though this was deleted, right? 

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1 Alistar Smythe
So regarding the shadowy figure at the end scene I wanted to know who it was. After watching the movie it began to drive me crazy. So I began to do some investigation after about an hour on Google I came up with nothing. But as I kept reading I found an interview with the guy who played "the lizard" he mentioned that all tho the shadowy character was not Norman Osborne, he was employed at Oscorp. Now in the amazing Spiderman video game one of the villains was Alistair smythe, who was employed at oscorp. Now I might be reaching here but judging from what the lizard said in the interview could it not be that the shadowy figure could be Alistar Smythes father!????? Who knows aha just thought id share what I found aha More

Posted by supermario1287 on Monday January 7, 2013, 23:55

2 Alistar Smythe
So regardingthe shadowy figure at the end seen I wanted to know who it was. After watching the movie it began to drive me crazy. So I began to do some investigation after about an hour on Google I came up with nothing. But as I kept reading I found an interview with the guy who played "the lizard" he mentioned that all tho the shadowy character was not Norman Osborne, he was employed at Osc More

Posted by supermario1287 on Monday January 7, 2013, 23:48

3 Surprisingly Good
Probably because the less than enthusiastic reviews, I was actually pleasantly surprised by this film. I'd also argue it's better than any of Raimi's efforts by some margin. I'm not a massive Andrew Garfield fan, but he was better in the role than Tobey Maguire and Emma Stone knocks the spots off Kirsten "charisma vacum" Dunst any day of the week. I also liked how he was more Spider like in this film i.e. more wall crawling and web antics such as the web in the sewer to detect the Lizard when he made a move. Was this reboot really needed? No not really, but that doesn't make it a bad film and I'll happily watch the sequel now. More

Posted by Old_Pyrate on Monday December 3, 2012, 13:24

4 Shadowy Man
I like that the actor play9ngt the Shadowy man is FUN BOY from the Crow (also known as the porn dealer in Seven who gets interviewed at the same time as the freaked out guy with the razor dildo YIKES). More

Posted by blindfold on Monday December 3, 2012, 12:56

Watched this again over the weekend and it has grown on me. Not the best spiderman film, that's Spiderman 2, but the best Spiderman performance for sure. Shame some of these were deleted. The fact that Dr Ratha disappears halfway through the film is too big a mistake for a film that is released in a world where everyone is on the internet picking the film to pieces as soon as they've watched it. Also thought something would come of turning the SWAT team into Lizards as well. But nothing More

Posted by NateDrake007 on Monday December 3, 2012, 09:29

6 It will take more than deleted scenes to improve this film!
They should have included the Sam Raimi version of Spiderman, because frankly this Garfield and Webb reboot is the worst superhero movie ever! If you have trouble sleeping, buy this DVD, it will put you in a coma! More

Posted by darkhart on Sunday December 2, 2012, 17:46

7 Conundrum
I Have a question. How does Aunt May didn´t saw the boxes of eggs when she openend the fridge to get those eggs she's using? More

Posted by Mereel on Friday November 30, 2012, 18:46

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