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The Hidden Secrets Of The Amazing Spider-Man’s Deleted Scenes
Intriguing tidbits from the Amazing cutting room floor…

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At 2 hours 16 minutes, The Amazing Spider-Man is not a short film – but even with its generous running time, director Marc Webb and the rest of the Amazing production team needed to cut some material out. Fortunately for us, 11 snippets of Spider goodness that once circled the editing plughole have been rescued and popped onto the DVD/Blu-ray editions, and here below are the fascinating details that can be gleaned from them. Revealing more on the elusive Norman Osborn, the backstory behind Peter’s parents’ mysterious disappearance and possibilities for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, here are stills, quotes and analysis from said might-have-been scenes as well as that intriguing prison-set credit sting…

P.S. Just in case it’s not obvious at first glance, the following pages contain buckets and buckets of spoilers.

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1. A Different Fate (3.49)

The Amazing Spider-Man’s first deleted scene starts in the same way its movie equivalent does, with a post-barney Peter Parker storming off into the night to, erm, buy some chocolate milk in a bad part of town.

Here he bickers with the shop clerk T-Bone (Michael Barra) over two cents as the ‘Milk Chug’ Peter’s after costs $2.07 and he’s only got $2.05. Mr. Bone refuses to let him off the excess, and despite looking like a cross between two well-known on-screen nice guys – Hurley from Lost and Seth Rogen – tells him to “Just step aside, kid!”

It’ll get more exciting than this, promise.

Here Cash Register Thief (Leif Gantvoort) makes his best impression of Jason-Statham crossed with Drive Angry-era Nic Cage as he intimidatingly knocks over something on the counter and nicks some money from the till. Again, same as officially released feature, but still – free chocolate milk! Get in!

This is now new material. Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) is wandering around looking for Peter when he spots an extravagantly bequiffed silhouette walking towards him. The quiff stops, seems to recognise him, then turns into a dark alley.

What’s important here is that everyone’s favourite cinematic stepfather actually found Peter, but Peter turned away from him, making the inevitable tears before bedtime all the sadder.

More guilt is ladled onto Peter now that you see Uncle Ben has called him five whole times since he’s gone a-wandering, and what’s more, Jed Bartlet our man Ben looks adorable on his phone profile photo.

Guilt-a-geddon arrives in the final shot of the deleted scene, which shows Peter walking down the same alleyway his shadow was seen skulking into earlier to find his stepfather dead on the tarmac. It’s interesting to note that the audience don’t actually see Cash Register Thief shooting Uncle Ben, leaving Peter to discover the killer was Drive Angry-era Nic Cage-cum-Jason Statham-man only when the cop who comes round his house with a facial composite later.

Also, remember the speech Ben delivered to Peter that set off this almighty sulk: “Your aunt, my wife, had to walk 12 blocks alone in the middle of the night and then wait in a deserted subway station because you got distracted.” Ironic ain’t the half of it.

To compare and contrast two deaths of Uncle Ben – a grim sentence, apologies – here’s how it look in the final, official product. What’s key is the location, with the scene unfolding on the street that Peter happens to be walking on, in a public area.

Where you could perhaps forgive Spidey for not saving the day when the incident took place in a secluded alleyway, the fact that it happened practically in front of him makes it worse, especially when you consider the rest of Ben’s monologue earlier: “Your father lived by a philosophy – a principle, really. He believed that if you could do good things for other people, you had a moral obligation to do those things.” With great power…

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1 Alistar Smythe
So regarding the shadowy figure at the end scene I wanted to know who it was. After watching the movie it began to drive me crazy. So I began to do some investigation after about an hour on Google I came up with nothing. But as I kept reading I found an interview with the guy who played "the lizard" he mentioned that all tho the shadowy character was not Norman Osborne, he was employed at Oscorp. Now in the amazing Spiderman video game one of the villains was Alistair smythe, who was employed at oscorp. Now I might be reaching here but judging from what the lizard said in the interview could it not be that the shadowy figure could be Alistar Smythes father!????? Who knows aha just thought id share what I found aha More

Posted by supermario1287 on Monday January 7, 2013, 23:55

2 Alistar Smythe
So regardingthe shadowy figure at the end seen I wanted to know who it was. After watching the movie it began to drive me crazy. So I began to do some investigation after about an hour on Google I came up with nothing. But as I kept reading I found an interview with the guy who played "the lizard" he mentioned that all tho the shadowy character was not Norman Osborne, he was employed at Osc More

Posted by supermario1287 on Monday January 7, 2013, 23:48

3 Surprisingly Good
Probably because the less than enthusiastic reviews, I was actually pleasantly surprised by this film. I'd also argue it's better than any of Raimi's efforts by some margin. I'm not a massive Andrew Garfield fan, but he was better in the role than Tobey Maguire and Emma Stone knocks the spots off Kirsten "charisma vacum" Dunst any day of the week. I also liked how he was more Spider like in this film i.e. more wall crawling and web antics such as the web in the sewer to detect the Lizard when he made a move. Was this reboot really needed? No not really, but that doesn't make it a bad film and I'll happily watch the sequel now. More

Posted by Old_Pyrate on Monday December 3, 2012, 13:24

4 Shadowy Man
I like that the actor play9ngt the Shadowy man is FUN BOY from the Crow (also known as the porn dealer in Seven who gets interviewed at the same time as the freaked out guy with the razor dildo YIKES). More

Posted by blindfold on Monday December 3, 2012, 12:56

Watched this again over the weekend and it has grown on me. Not the best spiderman film, that's Spiderman 2, but the best Spiderman performance for sure. Shame some of these were deleted. The fact that Dr Ratha disappears halfway through the film is too big a mistake for a film that is released in a world where everyone is on the internet picking the film to pieces as soon as they've watched it. Also thought something would come of turning the SWAT team into Lizards as well. But nothing More

Posted by NateDrake007 on Monday December 3, 2012, 09:29

6 It will take more than deleted scenes to improve this film!
They should have included the Sam Raimi version of Spiderman, because frankly this Garfield and Webb reboot is the worst superhero movie ever! If you have trouble sleeping, buy this DVD, it will put you in a coma! More

Posted by darkhart on Sunday December 2, 2012, 17:46

7 Conundrum
I Have a question. How does Aunt May didn´t saw the boxes of eggs when she openend the fridge to get those eggs she's using? More

Posted by Mereel on Friday November 30, 2012, 18:46

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