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The Z To A Of Christopher Nolan
Your guide to the Dark Knight Rises director's career so far...

Page: Z Y X W V U T S R Q P 0 N M L K J I H G F E D C B A
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The Z To A Of Christopher Nolan | Narrative
The Z To A Of Christopher Nolan | Narrative


Taking the end-first framing of film noir and boinking it over the head with a two-by-four, Memento intertwined timelines together so ingeniously it'd have a wormhole scratching its head. The tale of vengeful anterograde amnesiac Leonard Shelby (Eternal Gloom Of The Spotless Mind? 50 First Hates?) is the kind of tightrope storytelling that's become Nolan's trademark. No other popcorn filmmaker credits their audience with so much grey matter - hey, Battleship's timeline doesn't get its own Wikipedia page - and here it was about "removing the information from the audience that's not available to the character". If you could navigate Shelby's murderous maze without recourse to sat-nav, you were well set to cope with Inception's labyrinthine netherworld. After all, that one is "Memento on steroids" (TM Leonardo DiCaprio).

Page: Z Y X W V U T S R Q P 0 N M L K J I H G F E D C B A
Page 13 of 26

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