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Actor + Director | 40 Great Collaborations In Movies
7. Alec Guinness & David Lean   View Complete List Back Page 7/40 Next

David Lean
Alec Guinness

Best Film
Bridge On The River Kwai just edges Lawrence of Arabia because Guinness' role in the former is more substantial (just). It's a fully three-dimensional character that still resonates as a tragic figure today, long after his world has vanished.
Notable Pairings
Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago, The Bridge on The River Kwai, Oliver Twist

What's The Secret Of Their Success?
This is almost a partnership that worked in spite of itself, both participants arguing throughout production and often afterwards. Lean didn't want to cast Guinness in Oliver Twist, the actor wasn't his first choice for Bridge on the River Kwai and something of a rift developed over A Passage to India. But when they did collaborate, the results were some of the best films ever made, Guinness turning in titanic performances in Kwai and Lawrence of Arabia.

Were They As Good With Anyone Else?
It's fair to say that Lean's very best films all starred Guinness, with the exception of Brief Encounter. Guinness was exceptionally good in Kind Hearts And Coronets and his other Ealing efforts - but can any films stand up against Lawrence of Arabia and the rest?

7. Alec Guinness & David Lean   View Complete List Back Page 7/40 Next

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