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Actor + Director | 40 Great Collaborations In Movies
38. Julia Roberts & Steven Soderbergh   View Complete List Back Page 38/40 Next

Steven Soderbergh
Julia Roberts

Best Film
Erin Brockovich
From here on in, there was no such thing as 'A Julia Roberts Movie'. Proving that Soderbergh was out of his arthouse hidey-hole for good, and revealing Julia Roberts to be one of the finest actresses of her generation, Erin was not only a box office smash, but a thought-provoking, intense film to boot.
Notable Pairings
Erin Brockovich, Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Twelve and Full Frontal

What's The Secret Of Their Success?
Soderbergh is on record as saying of the actors he directs that, "I try and make sure they're OK, and when they're in the zone, I leave them alone. I don't get in their way." And in the case of Roberts in Erin Brockovich, it's a technique that worked well, allowing Roberts to bring more and more of herself to the role of the Rocky-esque heroine. Considering that Soderbergh often acts as DoP as well as editor on his films, it's probably just as well he gives her some freedom. You know, so he can get some sleep in and all.

Were They As Good With Anyone Else?
As mentioned before, Soderbergh's done great work with Clooney and others, but Roberts has failed to nail as good a role as Erin Brockovich since, though Closer comes, um, close.

38. Julia Roberts & Steven Soderbergh   View Complete List Back Page 38/40 Next

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