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Actor + Director | 40 Great Collaborations In Movies
29. Danny Trejo & Robert Rodriguez   View Complete List Back Page 29/40 Next

Robert Rodriguez
Danny Trejo

Best Film
Desperado. We've got huge hopes for Machete - he has a swordfight with Steven Seagal, for Pete's sake! - but in the meantime the most iconic sequence these two have cooked up is Trejo's death in this Nacho Western. Taking on an armoured car full of heavily armed thugs, wielding only a fistful of knives, and nearly pulling it off, it's the coolest he's ever been.
Notable Pairings
Desperado, Machete

What's The Secret Of Their Success?
The first time they met, back in 1993 during pre-production for Desperado, Rodriguez clocked Trejo and realised this wasn't your everyday aspiring thespian. With a grizzled face and a body marked by gang tattoos and battle scars, the Mexican-American was not only a recovered drug addict but a former inmate of San Quentin prison. "Danny's got a huge presence," Rodriguez told Empire recently. "I love working with him and the ongoing joke is that his characters are all named after knifes. He's been Machete, Razor Charlie, Navajas and now Cuchillo in Predators. He's a whole set of cutlery now!"

Were They As Good With Anyone Else?
Rodriguez's Sin City and The Faculty were both lacking in the Trejo department, but did just fine anyway (we're hoping he'll at least cameo in Sin City 2). The actor's career away from Troublemaker Studios has been patchier - sure, there's Heat and Con Air, but also countless rubbish horrors and straight-to-DVD "thrillers". Not to mention Anaconda.

29. Danny Trejo & Robert Rodriguez   View Complete List Back Page 29/40 Next

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