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Actor + Director | 40 Great Collaborations In Movies
19. Arnold Schwarzenegger & James Cameron   View Complete List Back Page 19/40 Next

James Cameron
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Best Film
Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Genre-stretching special effects, brain-bending timelines, mahoosive explosions, Judgment Day took The Terminator, an actioner on an arthouse budget, and flipped the volume nob to 11. Its genius was reinventing Arnie's killing machine as a 'borg-with-a-big-heart whose arc allows him to scope to flaunt charisma and comic timing as well as muscles. Bad to the bone, in the best possible sense.
Notable Pairings
The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, True Lies

What's The Secret Of Their Success?
Instinct. Cameron initially assigned the role of The Terminator's T-800 for Lance Henriksen, intending a sleeker, more easily-assimilated cyborg. A lunch meeting with Schwarzenegger changed all that. The director mothballed plans to cast Arnie as Kyle Reese, handed him the shades and biker jacket and the rest is history. Both share a ferocious work ethic too, which helped for those late nights out blowing up office blocks.

Were They As Good With Anyone Else?
Yes and no. Schwarzenegger's work away from Cameron has been mixed at best (see: Batman & Robin, End Of Days, the governorship of California), with role after role flaunting his pecs but not much else. Cameron, though, has rarely put a foot wrong. The Abyss may have flopped, but Aliens remains a sci-fi/action high-water mark and Titanic gobbled up awards and grosses like some kind of monster gobbling thing. Avatar didn't do too badly either.

19. Arnold Schwarzenegger & James Cameron   View Complete List Back Page 19/40 Next

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