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Actor + Director | 40 Great Collaborations In Movies
17. Liv Ullmann & Ingmar Bergman   View Complete List Back Page 17/40 Next

Ingmar Bergman
Liv Ullmann

Best Film
Probably the slightly brain-bending Persona, with Ullmann playing an actress, Elisabeth Vogler, who seems healthy but will not talk, and another frequent Bergman collaborator, Bibi Andersson, as the nurse whose personality seems gradually to merge with Vogler's.
Notable Pairings
Persona, Scenes From A Marriage, The Serpent's Egg

What's The Secret Of Their Success?
Ah, Sweden. The country that gave us saunas, massage and Abba always had a more melancholy side, and it's that introspection that Ingmar Bergman and Liv Ullmann mined so effectively in their films. Ullmann, who became something of a feminist and cultural icon after her sexually-charged work with Bergman in the 1970s, seemed, like Max Von Sydow before her, to instinctively know how to underplay a scene and get the most from it.

Were They As Good With Anyone Else?
Oh yes: Bergman built an international reputation with a repertory company of actors and Ullmann's had her own career as a director as well as an actor. Their collaborations remain, however, some of the most beautiful and thought-provoking slices of depression ever filmed.

17. Liv Ullmann & Ingmar Bergman   View Complete List Back Page 17/40 Next

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