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Empire at E3: The Return of Goldeneye

Posted on Wednesday June 16, 2010, 06:15 by Ali Plumb in Infinite Lives
Empire at E3: The Return of Goldeneye

Bond 23 might be on hold, but Goldeneye has just been revived, and you've got Eurocom, Activision, and those lovely people at Nintendo to thank for it.

In amongst the avalanche of news announced at this E3 Nintendo press conference, buried under a mountain of other remakes, title revivals and old friends making new appearances came Daniel Craig (or the likeness and voice of him, anyway) as the world's favourite British super spy in the direct remake of the seminal 1997 first person shooter.

Gaming royalty like no other, the original Goldeneye on the N64 is universally regarded as revolutionary in terms of incorporating stealth into a FPS, as well as making an astoundingly addictive splitscreen multiplayer to boot, creating calloused thumbs up and down the country throughout the late '90s.

There are changes, of course, but these are modernisations at best. The banking crisis rather than the cold war looms over the story, health is regenerated by taking cover, and Pierce is now Daniel, but otherwise the characters are the same, the guns likewise (though the infamous ‘Klobb’ is now the ‘Klebb’) and the settings, dam opening scene and all, are all there, though a few ‘creative allowances’ have been added, we’re told.

We’re excited, if only for bringing a decent multiplayer shooter back into our living rooms, but this is a Wii after all, and shooters requiring large numbers of remotes pointing at one screen are often tricky beasts for the poor little processor to handle, on top of the high end graphics (for the Wii, anyway) we've seen in play, remaining smooth and fluid despite its hardware's potential limitations.
Asking on floor E3 staff about its intrinsic differences between the new Goldeneye 007 and 2008’s disappointing Quantum Of Solace Wii title, and we were told that “not that much gameplay-wise…the guns are different, and you can play as classic characters, like Oddjob, or Jaws.”
Though this is great news for movie and game fans, and we really can’t wait till its November 2 release date, we’re also wary – the Quantum Of Solace tie-in was a bit of a stinker, and without a special Wii Classic Controller Pro it could be as clumsy and painful as QoS multiplayer, which left many with sore arms from pointing the remote at the screen at such an awkward angle for so long. You could finally buy yourself a plastic zapper or a Wii pistol, of course, but who wants houseguests finding one of those bad boys hanging around the lounge? 
It’s not going to blow your mind with its world-shatteringly innovative changes, but as stealthy trips down memory lanes go, this one doesn’t look too bad, as the trailer here shows. File this one under cautiously optimistic, whinge that it's a Wii title, and cherish the fact that this may well be the closest we’ll get to seeing Bond on our screens for a good long while.  

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1 Andyginner
Posted on Thursday June 17, 2010, 13:53
Hey Alistair - while QoS might not have been a Call of Duty, it still offered pretty good mano y mano gameplay if you got yourself the zapper and went online.

I know the Wii isn't the best for graphics and depth of gameplay, but for the "arcade experience" of pointing a gun at your telly and blowing hell out of stuff, it's not half bad!

2 Mr Grizzly
Posted on Thursday June 17, 2010, 16:58
The original Goldeneye was all about the gameplay. I don't care how good the graphics are, or if Craig is used (why not Connery?), QoS's gameplay was awful (even more so with the Zapper) and if the new Goldeneye's anything similar, I'll probably by an old N64 instead!

3 shanyi
Posted on Friday June 18, 2010, 18:11
It sounds as though the only Wii FPS you've played was Quantum of Solace, which was indeed dreadful (incidentally, the 'nunchuck' is the analogue stick add-on, the main controller is called the remote). However, Metroid Prime Trilogy and Red Steel 2 are sterling examples of why, despite the disappointing paucity of offerings, when FPS' are done well on the Wii, the pointer aiming utterly demolishes twin analogues. This game could be good: while it obviously won't touch the N64 original, but using that game as a design base should give this new iteration a solid base on which to build a strong offering of its own. It'll most likely be a Call of Duty reskin with a bit of stealth thrown in, but as long as they get the pointer aiming working properly (QoS's framerate was murder for this) then that's fine by me. Don't like the regenerating health though (and as a second correction, you didn't pick up health kits in the original: you could find body armour, but there was no way to recover lost health - a much better system for this kind of game, in my humble opinion).

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