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Empire Frequently Asked Questions

Site Problems

The Empire site isn't displaying properly for me. What's up?
Make sure you have a compatible browser. The latest versions of Firefox or Internet Explorer are recommended. Also be sure you have the latest version of Flash.

The trailer I'm trying to watch won't play. What am I doing wrong?
Make sure you have the correct player installed. You can download the relevant players from the following links: Quicktime, Real, Windows Media.

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About Empire

How do I get a job at Empire?
It's not easy and requires many years of meditation and study at a retreat high in the Nepalese mountains, but if it's a job at Empire you want, click here for details.

Can I have work experience at Empire?
It's entirely possible, click here to find out more.

How do I get contact details for (Insert celebrity name here)?
Sadly we're not about to give you Angelina's mobile number so there's no point in asking. If you do want to get in touch with an actor or filmmaker for legitimate reasons then you can get their agent's details by subscribing to IMDb Pro. If it's not business-related then most celebrities do maintain fan clubs who will pass on your letters.

Who are the men and women of Empire and what are your favourite films?
A complete rogues' gallery of the Empire staff as well as their likes and dislikes can be found here.

I have a criticism/comment about the site/magazine.
We're more than happy to hear your comments and respond to them directly. Log on to the Forums and post your feedback in the relevant forum. Empire staff are regularly on there to address your issues.

I have spotted a mistake on the site or in the magazine. Whom should I tell?
E-mail a member of the team via the contact us page - one of our sub-editors would be your best bet..

I've never heard of Empire, can you tell me a little more about yourselves?
Certainly, click here.

Can I subscribe to your magazine? It's great!
But of course you can. For details on the latest subscriptions offer, click here.

My issue hasn't arrived/I Have a problem with my Empire Subscription. Who can help me?
For any and all subscriptions enquiries, visit

I want to order a back issue of Empire, is that possible?
Indeed it is, call our ordering line on 01858 438884.

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Film Queries

When is (insert film title here) coming out on DVD?
We don't know, well we may do but you can find out far more easily by checking the release schedule here. If it's not there then it probably hasn't been announced yet.

I want to get hold of (insert obscure film here), do you know where I can order it?
You could try searching our price finder for DVDs currently on release. If it's not listed then chances are it has been deleted. Your best bet in this case is to try and find it second hand and your best bet is ebay.

How do I get tickets to a premiere?
Short answer: you can't. Not usually anyway. Premiere tickets are not made available to the public unless they're charity premieres, in which case those on the mailing list of the relevant charity will be notified first (the NSPCC and the Prince's Trust are two good bets). Other than that you'll need to win a competition (keep an eye on the Empire newsletter) or develop some handy connections at one of the film distributors.

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Newsletter Problems

Not getting out newsletter?

Friends of mine get the Empire Friday newsletter and it's brilliant, can I get it too?
Yes you can, you can sign up for the newsletter once you've registered for the site here.

I'm a registered user but my e-mail/address/gender has changed, how can I update my Empire profile?
You see the My Empire link at the very top left hand corner of the page? Click that and all your details can be updated within.

I'm a registered user but, wouldn't you know it, I've forgotten my username and/or password. Is all lost?
Not at all. lick here to retrieve your information.

I've decided that, although extremely witty, informative and well-written, I'd rather not receive your newsletter anymore. How do I unsubscribe?
We'll be sad to see you go but it you want us to stop bugging you then simply click the unsubscribe link that appears at the bottom of every e-mail we send.

I'm receiving the newsletter but... erm, something's wrong. The layout's gone peculiar.
This may be because your email provider is blocking some of the images. If this is the case you should switch to the text-only version of the newsletter, which will include an HTML link to the full thing. You can do this by clicking the 'change to text' link at the bottom of the newsletter.

I subscribed to the Empire newsletter but when Friday comes around there's nothing in my in-box. Nowt. Nada. It never arrives. Why do you hate me?
Now, now, don't cry. Providing you haven't unsubscribed by accident, another reason may be that your e-mail may have 'bounced'. This means that we have tried to deliver your message a few times but your email provider is blocking it. Why would they do such a thing? It may be due to a problem their end or because they have updated their spam filtering and the Empire email is mistakenly included - if you've subscribed from your work address then it may be an intentional move to stop you arsing around on company time. Try adding to your address book or 'friendly' list, or you could sign up via a web-based account.

Hotmail and MSN users should go to

  • Login as usual
  • Click on the options link on the top right hand side of the page.
  • On the left hand side of the page, click Mail, and then click Junk E-mail Protection
  • Click Safe List
  • Type in and then click add.
  • Tick the box next to ''

Yahoo users should check their 'bulk folder' as sometimes the newsletter may get wrongly mistaken for spam. If the newsletter is in there, simply open up the email and press the 'not spam' button to ensure the newsletter is delivered to your main inbox from now on. If you continue to see these messages in your bulk mail folder and you would still like to receive them in a different folder, you can set up a filter to redirect them to any folder you wish. You can find more information at

If none of this helps then e-mail with EMPIRE in the subject line and we'll look into it for you.

How do I change the email address to which you send my glorious newsletter?
Just see the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

None of the above have answered my question, what now?
Either hop on over to the message boards and post your question or contact a relevant member of the Empire team directly from this page. If it's newsletter related then e-mail with EMPIRE in the subject line.

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