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The Winners

Best Sci-Fi / Superhero
Best Sci-Fi / Superhero | Wanted
James McAvoy with presenters Jamie Bamber and Jodie Whittaker

The Acceptance Speech
"Oh my god, I got an award from the CAG! Er, not everyone's going to get that. I wasn't sure what to say but I was inspired by another winner tonight so I think I'll just say... (adopts deep, serious tones)'stop all the clocks...' No, seriously. Please. Bullshit is all I have, to take this award away. What a brilliant year for British directors and british actors and British stories. So it's when I chose to leave for the Czech Republic and make an American-funded film about superheroes. But I really did have a cracking time and I did learn to bend bullets, and on behalf of everybody... Timur: Mad, evil, Kazakhstanian director I'd like to say thank you. Cheers!"

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The Nominees

  • Iron Man
  • Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
  • The Dark Knight
  • WALL-E

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