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The Winners

Best Film
The Bourne Ultimatum

Jason Isaacs with Bourne director, Paul Greengrass and star, Matt Damon

Exclusive Video
Best Film winners for The Bourne Ultimatum, Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon
The Acceptance Speech
Paul Greengrass
"Well, it's excellent to get the consolation prize. It was actually quite a hard film to make this one, Paddy will remember that it was a bit of a nightmare to get Matt out of his trailer in the morning. He struggled with the lines to be honest, it was quite easy because he was an amnesiac, but we did struggle. It wasn't until after the film came out that we realised that he was stuck in that trailer all the time because he was fucking Jimmy Kimmel as well. So without more ado, I salute you."

Matt Damon
"Alright that's fair, so thank you. First of all, I knew she had a video camera but I never thought she was going to show him and I didn't know he was going to show everybody. It's a little uncomfortable and my wife's here so that's awkward.

"I really do want to say thank you, it really did say The Bourne Ultimatum in here so that's terrific, I want to say thank you to the readers of Empire because I don't get many awards and I don't get nominated for a lot of awards but when I do I tend to lose out to more younger, talented, better-looking guys like James McAvoy. I'm three eighths Scottish, so anyway.

"No seriously, thanks very much for including us. I'd also like to salute the one-time loser Paul Greengrass over there, my friend who got out-directed by the other guys in the category he was nominated for."

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What Empire Said
"The best blockbuster of the summer and the most accomplished thriller since, well, Supremacy. This is the payoff Bourne fans have been waiting for and the standard to which future blockbusters should be held." Read more...

Also Nominated
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford

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