The Sony Ericsson Empire Awards 2008

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The Winners

Best Actress
Keira Knightley, Atonement

The Acceptance Speech
James Corden
"If you're going to put this many people in a room and ask someone to come up and present an award and you're a big unit like myself, make it clear to go around the outside because it's quite tight around the middle to be honest. And it's televised so that's nice.

"I don't know why I forgot but I know who's won. The winner can't be here tonight but I'll tell you why and truly, the winner's Keira Knightley, and this is true, I've just been shagging her solid for the past three weeks. Honest. Really gunning it. Some of it sensual, sensual love-making but on the whole quite brutal. Took me by surprise, quite dark a lot of it. But in between sessions, we made a little film. We recorded this. Her boyfriend came back, a bit awkward, we were like 'Nah, we're just having a drink, hanging out'. Literally the minute we finished taping it, I was hanging out the back of her."

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What Empire Said
"It's Knightley who finally stakes her claim in a grown-up part. Those cut-glass tones are exactly posh enough to fit Cecilia, a more brittle role than the feisty grrrrls shes played before and one more suited to her delicate beauty. She might want to specify that Wright direct every film she makes in the future." Read more...

Also Nominated
Emma Watson, Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
Katharine Heigl, Knocked Up
Angelina Jolie, A Mighty Heart
Cate Blanchett, Elizabeth: The Golden Age

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