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Its time to cast your vote for the 2008 Empire Awards and reward the best films of the year. Did The Bourne Ultimatum blow your mind? Was Ratatouille a cinematic feast? Did Transformers change your life? Could these puns get any worse?

You know the drill, choose your favourite films, stars and director of the year and enter them in the little boxes below and next year prizes shall be bestowed. As long as the film has had a cinematic release in 2007 (no re-releases) then it qualifies. Even Norbit, but dont vote for that.

For comedy you might choose Knocked Up, Superbad or Hot Fuzz? Maybe The Bourne Ultimatum, American Gangster or Eastern Promises in the thriller category? Was Transformers, Sunshine or Spider-Man 3 the best sci-fi/fantasy flick of 2007? Did 30 Days of Night top your horror list, or was it Hatchet or Saw IV? The choice is yours.

And for the first time ever, you can now vote for the year's best soundtrack! With so many great movie soundtracks to choose from, what will get your musical vote? Will it be Control's Joy Division tribute, the striking Babel score, Dylan covers in Todd Haynes' I'm Not There or even the classic sounds of Satyajit Ray in The Darjeeling Limited - whatever you decide, make sure your vote counts!

Voting closes on Febraury 25 2008. So vote now. Now! Go, quick!

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