Kevin Loader: Oh, I thought Roger was going to do the talking, he's the one who directed the sequence, so I'll just thank him. This sequence was the things that hung over us for the entire making of Enduring Love because everyone who's read Ian McEwan's wonderful novel said 'that balloon sequence is the most amazing thing, I cant' wait to see it on film.' So we felt we had a lot to live up to and thanks to this brilliant director we did. Roger Michell: I'd like to just thank the hanger on in the scene, who's a fantastic stuntman called Lee Sheward. Thank you all very much for this lovely gong. Thanks.
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There are also some effective visual quirks. The novels celebrated hot air balloon set-piece is converted into a truly heart-jolting sequence, the camera heaving upwards with each new blast of wind. And, as Joes neat existence falls apart, tidily-framed shots are replaced by ones that lurch like a lovesick drunk.

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