Thank you Empire readers, you know I originally thought I was here as part of Freddie Highmore's hangers on but... It's amazing. I'm sort of the newcomer at Pixar, and early on, when I first came up there, I played a basketball game and I cracked my rib and I went to the emergency room and the woman there saw that I worked at Pixar and she says 'I love your films, I love Toy Story, we have all of them!' And I said 'well, I didn't really work on Toy Story, though thank you very much. But as I work at Pixar, on behalf of everyone who did work on Toy Story, thank you very much.' And she said 'and you did Bug's Life too right? That's excellent.' And I said "I didn't work on Bug's Life but on behalf of Pixar thank you very much.' 'And you know, Monsters, Inc. was a great film.' And finally it got quiet for a moment and I said 'did you see Iron Giant?' And she said 'no, when's that coming out?' Anyway, I too am inspired by Pixar and I am very happy to come up there and make a film and I had a very wonderful experience. And John Lassiter could not be here, he's in a very heated bit of Cars but he made a video to show you on behalf of everyone at Pixar so let's take a look at that.
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On The Incredibles...
Brad Bird strays from the Pixar formula but still delivers enough colour and thrills to keep the faithful happy. The Incredibles also registers as the most human movie the second Golden Age of animation has produced since Toy Story.

On Toy Story...
The result proves so breathtaking that two-dimensional cartoon fare will never seem the same again. Which offers further, glorious proof that movies aimed at junior cinemagoers are sometimes miles better than those directed at their adult counterparts.

On Toy Story 2...
It provides the kind of exhilarating cinema experience that leaves you gasping in admiration and actually wanting a third instalment. If only all sequels were this good.

On Monsters Inc....
Brighter and more exuberant than Shrek, this would be a worthy winner of the first animation Oscar.

On Finding Nemo...
Terrific-looking and sweet, its certainly up to the superior standard Pixar has set for prime family entertainment.

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