Oh sit the hell down! But thank you. I kind of had this whole thing in my mind, but after Kevin Smith I've been laughing my ass off about 'yo fatty, this dick ain't gonna suck itself.' I can't think of anything else other than that. You know it was really funny because when I did Reservoir Dogs for the whole 8, 9, 10 years before that I just, like, looked at directors who did really cool independent films. That's who I wanted to be, you know? I wanted to be Jim Jarmusch the year he did Stranger Than Paradise, I wanted to be The Coen Brothers the year they did Blood Simple. It wasn't about money, it was about Yes! These guys did a fucking kick ass movie and I cannot wait to see their next movie. And that's how I felt about those guys, I couldn't wait to see Down By Law when it came out, I couldn't wait to see Raising Arizona when it came out. That's what I wanted to be, alright? So I do Reservoir Dogs and that's what it did in America. It was an independent film and it did pretty well as an art film and everything and it got a tonne of press and you know, for that year I was the guy. Alright? People were looking forward to seeing my second film and it was all really good. It was all I wanted, it was all I could ever have hoped for.

Now, in the meantime I also went around and did press all around the world for when the movie opened, and I did press in Britain. However, it just so happened that in Britain Reservoir Dogs wasn't released as this little independent art film, it was released as 'this is the controversial movie from America that everyone is writing about. So it opens in London and it's the number one movie in London. Not a little art house success, not okay for a little independent film, we were beating The Bodyguard for fucking Christ's sake. And by the way, just to note, when Reservoir Dogs was the number one movie in London, it was the first movie in years and years and years, since the Odeons had the complete stranglehold on the cinemas out here.. the Odeons saw Reservoir Dogs and said fuck that shit, we ain't gonna release that. So the independent theatre owners released Reservoir Dogs that weekend and it was the first time in years that the number one movie in London wasn't playing in an Odeon. It was playing at privately owned independent cinemas.

So I get the call and it's like 'come back to England man, it's doing really well in London. Now they want you to go and do regional press. They want you to do press in Manchester, they want you to do press in Liverpool, they want you to do press in Glasgow, in Scotland, all of these places.' Okay, great, great, great, great. So, like I said, I couldn't be happier about what it did in America. And then I land in England the week after my movie was the number one movie and I open up the newspapers and there's Reservoir Dogs political cartoons and it's like every comedian out there has a reservoir dogs joke for about six months and I realise the difference between being an arthouse success and being the number one movie in London. And it was pretty sweet guys, I gotta tell you. It was pretty cool.

I went on the whole regional press tour and the fact that England has embraced me as one of their own and the fact that the British press, that Empire magazine and the Empire readers have embraced me as one of their own is really cool. There's just no other word for it it's just really cool. And I wanna thank y'all and I wanna thank the Empire readers and I wanna thank Empire, which actually just happens to be my favourite movie magazine in the world. I promise you I would not be saying that if it were not the truth because to say that about a movie magazine that is like my religion alright? I would never say that under any circumstances, but this is my favourite movie magazine in the world, alright? My second favourite is Film Comment but this is my favourite. And to be given this in particular by the readers and not by some group of editors is, it's just really great. So thank you very, very much and I hope to give you at least 15 more years of movies that hopefully will get your dick hard just as much as the first ones. Thank you so much.
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