Tim Bevan: On behalf of our loyal staff at Working Title and the thousands of people who've worked on our movies over the years, we'd like to thank Empire magazine, the Empire readership and Colin very much for this award, incredibly we're received a few awards recently and we it's either because we're getting very old or it's because we're on a playing field that doesn't have very much people on it. Eric and I got into this business and worked our way up in this business through a love of film, and I think everybody in this room has and everybody who reads Empire has as well. And we'd love to see some of you coming into our industry - we need it. Thank you.
Eric Fellner: As Tim's hanger on I just have to agree with everything that he said. Thanks very much.
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A surprisingly good TV transfer for the Spaced crew. It may not exactly be Ealing, but its funny for long stretches. Even when in danger of self-destructing, it cadges laughs with smart lines, silly observations or blokish inside jokes about zombie movies, video games and pub nibbles.

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