So Matthew would like me to read this out to you. I would like to thank Empire for being so supportive of Layer Cake and for overcoming their fears over how bad the film was going to be. For me to win an award as a director is truly surreal and only possible thanks to the fantastic cast and crew. Thank you.
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This is, above all, a movie about mood. Where sometime partner Guy Ritchie might dip into Scorseses bag of tricks and crank up the volume, Vaughn looks to Michael Mann for inspiration... Looking out over the city and the square mile around its neon gherkin, Vaughns directorial debut captures Londons essence but doesnt Americanise it.

Roger Michell - Enduring Love
Edgar Wright - Shaun of the Dead
Shane Meadows - Dead Man's Shoes
Paul Greengrass - The Bourne Supremacy

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