Thank you very much Empire readers for this. I don't know what I'm going to do with it - it's not the most imaginative award I've ever seen. But I'd like to thank you all the same because this was such a small movie and didn't get to a massive audience really, and it was magazines like Empire that championed the movie and got it to the audience that we managed to find eventually. I'd like to thank Shane Meadows, who I've collaborated with before, he's a great friend of mine, I love him dearly. And I've got some really good write-ups and praise for this role but I really want to acknowledge the rest of the cast in this movie, who I thought were fantastic. And as always my wife Shelley, I love you very much. Thank you. I'll see yers again.
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Its first steps are, in fact, faltering, with the supporting cast struggling to improvise necessary exposition but whenever Considine is onscreen, the movie has a magnetic centre around which the others can happily orbit.

Daniel Craig - Layer Cake
Rhys Ifans - Enduring Love
Simon Pegg - Shaun of the Dead
Paul Bettany - Wimbledon

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