The Empire Awards 2003 The Empire Awards 2003

Independent Spirit Award:
Michael Winterbottom & Andrew Eaton

Steve Coogan:
"Hello - it's great to say hello and get a laugh - it's so easy. Thanks! I'll pay you later. The Empire Independent Spirit award goes to a film which was very difficult because we had to simulate the effects of having taken lots of drugs which was very difficult, but was testament to the special effects people that they got that."

Andrew Eaton:
"Thanks Steve. We're actually shooting a film at the moment and he's with Tim Robbins somewhere in a Canary Wharf underground station but that's showbusiness. To have this kind of acknowledgement of your work is a fantastic honour. To look at the people who have won this before is very humbling and amazing to us to be even considered. It means a lot to me to be given this award jointly because it acknowledges that we're a team and it's not often a producer gets that. We've made ten movies together and it still feels like we're starting out. So I'd like to thank Empire for inspiring us to do some more."

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