The Empire Awards 2003 The Empire Awards 2003

Best Film Winner:
The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers

Minority Report
Road To Perdition
Die Another Day

Ian McKellen:
"Well, this is wonderful. It's the first time I've ever met Cate, almost. We had a drink at a party once but I think Gandalf and Galadriel get it together in the third movie. Wonderful. On behalf of us all and all those thousands of people who worked on this film, I was just saying when we watched that little snippet to Dominic, I get very weepy when I see New Zealand and that Howard Shore music going. It was for all of us - whatever age, young and old - this was perhaps a highlight of our years because of spending so much time in that lovely county, in that wonderful little film industry and what a pity it is that so little of the profits of the movie go back into New Zealand to allow Peter Jackson and his compatriots to make more movies. But I think here he is, our boss, our beloved Peter Jackson"

Peter Jackson:
All the way from Middle Earth
In a 13 episode series, one-hour episodes, Jackson the Barbarian it's going to be called. Watch the video or listen to the audio for Peter Jackson's decidedly unorthodox acceptance speech

Listen to the acceptance speech.

Watch Peter Jackson's acceptance video.

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