The Empire Awards 2003 The Empire Awards 2003

Best Director Winner:
Steven Spielberg

Sam Raimi (Spider-Man)
Peter Jackson (The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers)
M. N. Shyamalan (Signs)
Steven Soderbergh (Ocean's 11)

Steven Spielberg's acceptance video was unable to be broadcast on Sky due to ITC regulations regarding his shameless plugging of Empire. For the full, unedited video, watch the Quicktime clip further down the page.

Tom Hanks:
"Hello. I'm Tom Hanks, your intrepid American correspondent for Empire magazine with a very special, delightful honour tonight. Usually I'm not an envious man and usually I'm not a jealous actor but I certainly am of Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast of a certain picture that came out this summer. It's director is the best director of the year and the movie is, of course, Minority Report."

Steven Spielberg:
"Readers, thank you very much. This is beautiful. We had a great year, 2002. Tom Cruise and I worked on this together and then Tom Hanks and I on Catch Me If You Can. I love your magazine and read it all the time - as much as you do - and I'm just honoured by all readers who voted for me as Best Director. Thank you very much. And you are a wise and sage group of readers indeed!"

Listen to the acceptance speech.

Watch Spielberg's unedited and unaired full-length acceptance video.

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