The Empire Awards 2003 The Empire Awards 2003

Best Actress Winner:
Kirsten Dunst

Jennifer Connelly (A Beautiful Mind)
Halle Berry (Die Another Day)
Miranda Otto (The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers)
Hilary Swank (Insomnia)

Johnny Vegas - reprising last year's role of Empire's surrogate actress...
"Second year running. Next year if there's not an award for best expectant speech on behalf of a female winner who couldn't be arsed to be here, it would have to go to me. In terms of Kirsten, congratulations, love but once again you've opened up the floor to a drunk. And me and Kirsten work in so many different ways. She toils away at her craft and the prizes come second. I take whatever fucking job comes along just on the off chance I can come to award do's and drink for free."

To hear Johnny Vegas' rather long (but very funny) unedited speech, listen to the audio file below

Listen to the acceptance speech.

Watch Johnny Vegas taking questions.

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