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Best Actor

Daniel Craig
Casino Royale

It's not often that a website springs up solely dedicated to deriding a casting decision. But, of course, this was different. This was James Bond - he just has that effect on some people. The uproar began the second Daniel Craig appeared speeding down the Thames as the newly appointed 007, and didn't abate for an entire year. But when Casino Royale finally hit screens in November the "too blond" brigades were abruptly silenced. Craig's performance was incendiary. He chewed up and spat out the tired, decades-old Bond template and rose out of the water with a ragged intensity unseen in 007's illustrious cinematic career. Recalibrated and clean suited, Daniel Craig IS James Bond.

Leonardo DiCaprio The Departed
Sacha Baron Cohen Borat
Johnny Depp Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Christian Bale The Prestige

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