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New Man Of Steel Trailer Flies In
'It's not an S...'

17 April 2013  |  Written by James White  |  Source: Warner Bros.

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Tuesday afternoon at the Las Vegas CinemaCon was Warner Bros.' chance to show off their 2013 slate, which had some impressively big hitters. Amongst the biggest was a brand new trailer for Man Of Steel, introduced on stage by director Zack Snyder. It’s officially online already and can be viewed below.


If you’ve watched the previous, moody, Terrence Malick-y promos and worried that this new, Chris Nolan/David Goyer concocted take on Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) might be sending the character in a quieter, more emotional direction, this should go a long way to calming your nerves. Because far from keeping things under wraps as with the other teases, this is full-on action movie advertising, with a wide scope but still room for plenty of honest feeling, particularly from Russell Crowe as Jor-El and Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent.

Among the other highlights: what sounds like a sample of the score, which seems to prove that Hans Zimmer didn’t need to worry too much about creating a new take on the character’s musical backing in the shadow of John Williams’ iconic themes, some proper reasoning for Lois Lane’s (Amy Adams) pursuit of our hero and lots of action moments, including civil war on Krypton and Supes fighting for his life on Earth.

Oh yeah, and Michael Shannon’s Zod getting slighty angry. You want to watch that temper, there, fella. A man could do himself an injury getting that strained.

Man Of Steel touches down on June 14. We predict this trailer will, for some of you, at least, make that wait a little tougher... 

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Your Comments

wonder woman
if a justice league hapens ,or a wonder woman film i hope they pick eva mendes for the role. i cant picture anyboy else for that role. More

Posted by paxosway at 18:22 on 24 April 2013 | Report This Post

its been a long time since a trailer has actualy made the hairs on the back of my neck stick up. this trailer alone is a labour of love, with crows naration for the first minute and what i believe and hope to be a sampe of another briliand score by hans zimer. if they have taken as much care with the film as they have with this trailer then this should be the best superman film! absolutel cant wait for this! More

Posted by paxosway at 18:18 on 24 April 2013 | Report This Post

I believe he can Fly!
Looking very promising so far , Superman Returns left me a bit dissapointed but this is shaping up very nicely. Fingers crossed! More

Posted by Lacuna1976 at 23:36 on 23 April 2013 | Report This Post

who's Cavill's batman?
now that Henry Cavill's the latest Superman, WHO do you think would be his ideal Batman, regardless the difference in time periods. Keaton, Kilmer, Clooney, or Bale...OR, if you think someone not on the list, WHO..?? More

Posted by Avengers12 at 10:57 on 23 April 2013 | Report This Post

RE: Snyder rocks
That's really wierd because he's the reason I'm still scared of this film sucking as I feel the complete opposite to you regarding his films. He hasn't done a single good film yet as far as I'm concerned, they're all terrible. More

Posted by Tenacious P at 09:59 on 22 April 2013 | Report This Post

super superman
So looking forward to this release. More

Posted by dr_who3 at 12:42 on 19 April 2013 | Report This Post

RE: Snyder rocks
Gina Carano would be an awful Wonder Woman. She's nowhere near pretty enough (not saying she's ugly or anything, she's just a bit too manly to portray WW for me) and she's a fucking awful, awful actress to boot. More

Posted by Harry Tuttle at 15:52 on 18 April 2013 | Report This Post

RE: Snyder rocks
I read somewhere that Gina Carano was recently asked speculatively about interest in playing Wonder Woman - she said she'd love to. Although her quote suggested that she thought Diana came from a "planet" (rather than island) of Amazon women - so either she knows something we don't, or needs to brush up on the character before heading to audition... More

Posted by rwoo at 15:02 on 18 April 2013 | Report This Post

Snyder rocks
He always delivers, he has with every single film. I don't think that trend will change with this epic blockbuster of a movie. Give him Justice League afterwards please. I want to see who he casts as Wonder Woman. More

Posted by danielthompson99 at 12:25 on 18 April 2013 | Report This Post

Super job !
This looks great, its going to be the film of the summer, great job by snyder and nolan. The cast is perfect and it looks like the superman we were waiting for ! as for snyders best work being Watchmen....hahaha yeah right! that was crap , his best work is 300 so far and sucker punch was different, but man of steel, iron man 3 and star trek will rule the roost this year! More

Posted by The las celtic tiger at 11:05 on 18 April 2013 | Report This Post

This looks absolutely blinding! Cannot wait! More

Posted by The Bantam Menace at 08:50 on 18 April 2013 | Report This Post

RE: please be good!
Looks great to me. SHANNON looks to be great casting. CAVILL... impressive so far. DIANE LANE - hottest Martha Kent ever. The fights look... epic. More

Posted by belcher77 at 22:53 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

please be good!
fantastic trailer,the cast looks excellent...i beg it lives up to the hype!...if it does maybe they can reboot Green Lantern! a wasted film!! Ryan Reynolds and mark strong were perfect choices ..but the story and film was awful..! Roll on the Man of Steel!!!!!!! More

Posted by neil896 at 21:36 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

this looks good to me
i remember 1978 with Richard Donner's movie. It was fun and straight forward but this does look like something new - which is what's needed.The visuals look incredible and the plotting seems well crafted. Hope it holds up to a full movie length adventure and not just a cool looking trailer. Most of all looking forward to... Kevin Costner. being all stoic and stuff. He's great and a perfect fit for the role. More

Posted by leroythemasochist at 20:09 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

This looks awesome and I can tell will be 10000000000 times better than the last one. It seems really well balanced with a deep story and terrific visuals. Im excited for this More

Posted by joshsym at 19:24 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

Well, Snyder's finest film so far is the excellent Watchmen, he absolutely nailed that adaption and while 300 and Sucker Punch were empty and only good for the visuals, this in my opinion has got to be a certified winner! It's got to be the superhero film of the year and with Nolan to back Snyder up this could well be the Superman film we've been waiting for. Everything about this trailer is awesome! More

Posted by dannyfletch at 18:41 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

I hate myself for writing this but....Costner/Young Kal El dialogue is a straight lift from Superman: Secret Origins....and the laser bit is from Superman Earth One...I promise my geeky younger brother told me this... FWIW I think its a cracking trailer and I love the fact that its taken Hans Zimmer to break the "LOUD NOISE/concussive beat" style trailer music used since Inception... More

Posted by Gene Parmesan at 14:54 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

New Move
I think it's impossible to predict whether this movie is going to be any good or not - although the trailer looks promising. I just think that it's important for this movie to take superman away from the Christoper Reeve era of movies. For too long now Superman's relationship with Hollywood has always been under the shadows of those previous movies and although they're good, they are a complete generation away from today's cinemagoers . More

Posted by astoroth at 14:53 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

Yup....woah!!! More

Posted by Big Red at 14:51 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

Excitement Overload!
Really can't wait for this movie. The trailers have nailed it, but the new one is just mesmerizing: emotion, action, sheer epic scale, music - it had it all. I'm so pleased. The casting looks so fitting too, wasn't sure about Amy as Lois, but from what I saw, I'm quite happy. Russell and Kevin seem a good fit too, but for me, it's Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon that are gonna make the movie. Henry just looks - he feels - like he just IS Superman. Michael just emanates intimidation, truly menac More

Posted by diddle11 at 13:46 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

Haha zod looks like he's come straight outa gears of war More

Posted by seanftd at 13:41 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

Looks awesome...... but...
So nobody will deny how brilliant this is going to be. It could really be amazing. But I've got 2 big gripes..... 1) Another original story. Yawn. 2) Synder is at his best (300, Watchman) when he's being true to the original source & translating it to film... with this he's just totally re-imagining it & I find that a bit sad. Would love to have seen some more of the comic book materials used rather than just the premise. More

Posted by mancalledpete at 13:07 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

"Excuse me?"
Love that last line and Zimmer's big banging drums - no way to compete with Williams' classic theme, but instead, he's created something entirely new. This trailer is WOW WOW WOW!!! 8 weeks to go! More

Posted by tjhyman at 13:05 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

I think the music is brilliant too, Hans Zimmer never ceases to amaze me, having to follow Williams famous score would of been so daunting, but from what I've heard so far, it's just perfect. More

Posted by Jamie_M at 11:52 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

I never was very much into Superman but this looks pretty good More

Posted by Chronicle at 11:51 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

RE: Please...
I hope this delivers as much action as it does emo. More

Posted by UTB at 11:28 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

RE: Please...
L: a_man_and_his_monkey Like others, I'm sceptical of Snyder. But this looked EPIC!!! Please don't be a disappointment.... eah. Although the only film he's done which I really hated was Sucker Punch - that showed that he can't write. He did a good job on Watchmen, 300 & even the Dawn of the Dead remake (obviously not a patch on the original, but still a good film). He needs good writers and someone to rein him in from his excesses - looks like Nolan is the man to do it. He's got More

Posted by jmebaby25 at 10:55 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

Man Of Steel
Interest is piqued! More

Posted by AquaDragon2K at 10:25 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

Like others, I'm sceptical of Snyder. But this looked EPIC!!! Please don't be a disappointment.... More

Posted by a_man_and_his_monkey at 10:24 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

*Waltham grabs crotch, screams, people on desk in front of him duck as he does geek sex wee everywhere...* More

Posted by waltham1979 at 10:00 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

that looks awesome. best trailer by far to date. More

Posted by hermes16 at 09:18 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

Why thank you, Nolan
Ha ha... great trailer...I knew Supes was in for some resurrection as soon as Nolan got involved...this looks wonderful and the trailer has got good pacing. More

Posted by ronniem at 09:04 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

This looks incredible. Even though I'm unconvinced by cartoon-faced Shannon, this still seems fantastic. More

Posted by NeoBrowser at 08:43 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

Still taking it in...
but it's lookin' right to me. Haven't you got the screen grabs up yet Empire!? More

Posted by partybee at 08:31 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

Still very skeptical of Snyder, but it does look pretty good. What happened at the very end there? "Excuse me". Did he interrupt her with a superfart? More

Posted by pythonlove at 07:55 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

please be good!!
i pray this film is the superman we are waiting for!!! just let me know when imax tickets are out!!!!! More

Posted by neil896 at 07:50 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

Wow More

Posted by theonering at 07:40 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

I've never seen a bird or plane look that cool
The promise is astounding! Truly excited and the ticket I bought a year ago is burning a hole in my pocket... BURNING I TELL YOU!!! More

Posted by Mr_Haze1810 at 07:25 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

Is it a bird...
Wow! Now that trailer was great. Showed what looks like amazing action and emotion. I think we need a breakdown as there is some sort of squid tentacle thing at one point. Maybe the kinetic direction of Snyder and the thoughtful storytelling of Nolan is a perfect match... More

Posted by cawykes at 07:21 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

Its Zimmer Time
This trailer is showing lots of promise, but Hans Zimmer's soundtrack is really setting the tone for this to be epic. Excuse me while I change my underwear... More

Posted by stippidoo at 07:04 on 17 April 2013 | Report This Post

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