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Sucker Punch Trailer Arrives
Zach Snyder takes you on a trip

27 July 2010  |  Written by James White  |  Source: Apple

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300/Watchmen director Zach Snyder managed to excite and confuse audiences in almost equal measure at this year’s Comic-Con with the first footage from Sucker Punch, and if you were wondering why plenty of people couldn’t wrap their heads around it, then prepare to get your eyes and your brain punched with his latest, and possibly trippiest burst of visual flair: the Sucker Punch trailer has arrived over at Apple.

Sucker, based on an original idea by Snyder, throws so much stuff into its visuals – medieval combat, samurai, dragons, night clubs, World War Two – that it ends up a mad rush of a ride in this first promo.

The plot is a fantastical action adventure that takes place mostly in the mind of Baby Doll (Emily Browning), a girl whose evil stepfather has had her committed and threatened with a lobotomy. To escape the agony of her real life, she escapes into a vivid imaginary world where pretty much anything can happen. There, aided by an equally beautiful/dangerous group of women, she discovers the path to safety in real life might just lie in this warped version of existence.

Featuring yet another new visual trick – jagged, time-skipping moments during action, Sucker Punch is sure to split reactions between enjoyment and confused loathing. Go take a look and let us know where you fall. The film arrives March 25 next year.

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Your Comments

OH MY GOD YES! This is going to be epic! More

Posted by skaface at 15:11 on 09 August 2010 | Report This Post

Zach Snyder, proving yet again that he's the director to watch in this decade. (I'm already expecting a Director's cut, judging by all the images that were thrown at the screen in that trailer!!) More

Posted by boredbluekoala at 01:20 on 29 July 2010 | Report This Post

RE: Snake-Eyes
I am so confused but I loved it. I think this is a must see :) More

Posted by kumar at 17:08 on 28 July 2010 | Report This Post

RE: Snake-Eyes
My cup of tea!! Lots of style and gals kickin arse. Yeah, course it's probs gonna be all style pver substance but so what? This guys shows how film is a visual medium in the best way. He makes gorgous films even if the depth of said films can be questioned they are always a visual delight. More

Posted by The REAL Bozz at 13:47 on 28 July 2010 | Report This Post

RE: Snake-Eyes
Looks great a may go and see this... More

Posted by princessa at 13:36 on 28 July 2010 | Report This Post

RE: Snake-Eyes
It's the kind of silliness that just makes me smile. I'm not even sure that I care if this has a plot or not. Reminds me of The Onion's "Wildly successful Iron Man trailer to be made into Movie" More

Posted by oui3d at 10:29 on 28 July 2010 | Report This Post

My God
Oh my God, this film really looks awful. Okay so its got sexy looking girls in it but it looks like more dull eye-candy from Hollywood. Give me Pans Labrynth, Downfall, Once were Warriors, Akira, Blade Runner, Dead mans Shoes, 12 Angry Men any day. Thanks bye. More

Posted by jermreen at 10:27 on 28 July 2010 | Report This Post

RE: Snake-Eyes
Tell us more... More

Posted by Dave Oz at 23:07 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

Looks Stunning...
...not saying it necessarily looks like a good film cos haven't got a scooby what's going on but it looks ridiclously slick & sexy! More

Posted by bronco3114 at 22:52 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

Couldn't have just used the Jigsaw voice over?
If that God awful Russian accent is in the movie for more than five minutes, I'm waiting for the DVD..or Blu-Ray. More

Posted by dgribble at 21:47 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

RE: Sucker Punch Trailer Arrives
Holy.Effin.Shit!! That looks rather awesome. I'll only watch it at the cinema if they add in some of that lovely, afterthought, 3D though, that'll make it at least 18 zillion times more impressive to look at.... More

Posted by captainrentboy at 20:35 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

Well have to say the man has style in the skip load, looks a really interesting film, hope it's not gonna be 12A rated. More

Posted by durelius at 20:15 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

Modern hollywood cinema needs an enema, and Zack is delivering it. More

Posted by BatSpider at 19:32 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

RE: Tipical
awesome.ze] More

Posted by Invader_Ace at 18:53 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

Like every Zack Snynder film: All style NO substance...I have to stop getting my hopes up!!! I know it will look cool, but be about NOTHING! More

Posted by Silentbob333 at 18:35 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

Snyder Makes the Best Trailers Ever
unfortunately, the films don't live up to them. 300 and Watchmen were the best trailers of their respective years. If only the films were as good instead of being hype of substance. I hope this one doesn't continue the trend... More

Posted by richardvjones at 17:41 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

You know how every now and then a concept comes along that sounds familiar? This film is VERY similar to a story I wrote when I was a teenager. More

Posted by Snake-Eyes at 16:38 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

Put some trousers on!
Bluehawk sums up my main reservation about this movie. Several major points of awesome (all-female action heroes, awesome fantasy mash-up action sequences, relatively inventive plot, generally incredibly pretty to look at, DRAGONS) but the whole thing may be ruined for me if I can't forget that it's mainly aimed at people who like sexy schoolgirl costumes. More

Posted by opportunemoment at 16:20 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

Yes please. More

Posted by Lemure at 14:47 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

RE: wooooo
L: Rgirvan44 Well thats one more ticket sold. Congrats Mr. /b]! et's hope the excitement of the film isn't reduced to a crackling cinder! I have to say this is the first film by Zack Snyder that has caught my interest, kudos to you sir! I think the visual element to it is engaging and I like the myriad settings; a 1950s era nightclub, World War I (trenches, gas masks and bi/tri-planes and zeppelins), feudal Japan with the Samurai, space with the image of a ringed planet (Saturn?), More

Posted by Emyr Thy King at 14:36 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

First trailer i've ever watched on iTunes: Come on! More

Posted by The900MidNightBee at 14:01 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

Sexy blond ninja schoolgirl. I'm sold. More

Posted by Bluehawk at 13:16 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

I really didn't want to like this as my particular jury on Mr Snyder is definitely "Out", especially in the style over substance category. However that trailer has just twatted me right between the eyes! Bloody great dragons, massive Samurai warriors (shades of Brazil) and World War 2 airplanes?! What's not to love?! Even if i am a bit too old for the whole Schoolgirl uniform wet dream.... More

Posted by dunstabledoug at 13:15 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

Sexy blond ninja schoolgirl. I'm sold. More

Posted by Bluehawk at 13:06 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

Zack Snyder
The guy just straight up knows how to direct action, he has a really unique vision. Looking forward to this and Xerxes More

Posted by stubs182 at 13:04 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

Why couldn't anyone wrap their heads around that footage? There was NOTHING complicated about that what so ever. All the "crazy shenanigans" is an allegory for the characters trying to escape their various mental anguish, hence them being in an asylum. More

Posted by clarkkent at 12:52 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

RE: Sucker Punch Trailer Arrives
It's like someone went into my dreams one night.. and then filmed what they saw... Can't wait to see it... More

Posted by danielcharlwood at 11:57 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

Move over...
Tim Burton is without doubt my favourite director, but after watching this trailer I can't help but think what Zach could have done with Alice in Wonderland. The dragon is only seen for a couple of seconds in this trailer and it looks so much better than the jabberwocky! With talk of a (gulp) remake of the Wizard of Oz in the pipeline, he seems ideal to give it that dark edge. Basically any fantasy film coming up needs to speak to Mr Synder! More

Posted by cawykes at 11:49 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

I love his style. That was such a feast for the eyes and much more fun than most films. He really knows how to grip your attention... More

Posted by maxsmorris at 11:00 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

I like Snyder. It's difficult to place his skills and i just don't think he has been given something worthy of his flair yet. I don't think this will be it either. More

Posted by Jenzy at 10:58 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

Looks amazing
This looks like its going to really awesome. I am a big Snyder fan, he has a great visual style and more importantly has the balls to deliver fun R rated movies; something that is lacking in the PG-13 era. More

Posted by Dynamite_Dee at 10:23 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

RE: wooooo
Well thats one more ticket sold. Congrats Mr. Synder! More

Posted by Rgirvan44 at 09:57 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

That looks completely mental.......oooh 'citing More

Posted by 7eke at 09:51 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

RE: Sucker Punch Trailer Arrives
Women, sexy women. Sexy women fighting samurai with HUGE MINIGUN. I'm in. prayer starts...Oh please don't be as crap as 300, please don't be as crap as 300, please don't be as crap as 300 More

Posted by Deviation at 09:48 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

RE: Sucker Punch Trailer Arrives
Holy crap.... that looks like fun on so many levels. Anyone know if it's going to be R rated? I hope so. More

Posted by danielcharlwood at 09:47 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

This could even contend with Watchmen, which was awesome. The Samurai look utterly badass and the fight scenes are gonna be epic. More

Posted by TheColumnist at 09:27 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

This does look like fun.  Does anyone know the name of the song? More

Posted by morg1138 at 07:11 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

This looks off the hook! More

Posted by Geosolus at 06:45 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

RE: Ooooh!
Slacking Empire - I beat you to it by hours. s I said in that earlier thread though - Holy fuck! Looks awesome! More

Posted by KeithM at 06:26 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

Aaaaah! More

Posted by bradthunder at 05:47 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

That looks pretty damn amazing. Even though I was not the biggest 300 fan I have really enjoyed his other films and this one clearly has potential. More

Posted by deheor at 05:41 on 27 July 2010 | Report This Post

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