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Verbinski To Tackle Bioshock
From pirates to underwater games

09 May 2008  |  Written by Helen O'Hara  |  Source: Variety

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It was one of last year's most popular, and most critically acclaimed games, and now Bioshock is set for the big screen, with Pirates of the Caribbean's Gore Verbinski set to direct.

For those of you who don't know a first-person shooter from a tequilla shooter, the game has a highly intricate story set in a city built underwater. Our hero, Jack, is a passenger aboard a plane that crashlands in the Atlantic in 1960, and escapes to the city, called Rapture (ironically, as it turns out). There, he discovers the aftermath of a civil war, the products of advanced genetic engineering and some seriously messed up shit.

The game was lauded for its detail, Art Deco design, the moral elements to its game play (in this case, it sometimes pays not to shoot everything in sight) and its general kickass-ness. It's the biggest game-to-movie deal signed since Halo was optioned in 2005, but this time the makers have tried to reach a deal that will ensure it gets made. And they're not setting deadlines - Verbinski hopes to start pre-production as soon as the script is written and approved by all involved, but for once they're announcing a major release without also announcing exactly what time the first screenings will be at your local cinema.

The Aviator's John Logan is in talks to write the script, and suddenly we're wondering if this could be the film that breaks the game-good-film-adaptation-bad rule that has remained so true for so long. After all, if Verbinski can turn a theme park ride into one of the biggest franchises of the decade, what can he do with a game that's as smart as it is popular? Could this break the curse?

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Your Comments

Unfortunately, I feel this is doomed. I absolutely love the game and it could be an incredible film, but Verbinski's directing. This film needed someone with some style, class and balls, who can tell a complex story clearly, whilst giving us some full on frights, action and, dare I say it, gore, not the director of Mousehunt. Special effects aside, the POTC trilogy were mediocre family films, saved only by Johnny Depp doing an impression of Keith Richards. I really hope I'm wrong, but it see More

Posted by Jack'sSmirkinRevenge at 12:29 on 09 June 2008 | Report This Post

L: waltham1979 personally im waiting for Dizzy Egg: The Movie !! sp; Dizzy Egg!!!   But yeh, done right, this could be awesome. More

Posted by 10000hz at 10:03 on 06 June 2008 | Report This Post

anyone no wat studio makin it? More

Posted by harperbird at 18:26 on 11 May 2008 | Report This Post

Mortal Kombat is great movie adaptation !
There has only been one good movie adaptation of a video game and that is the 1st Mortal Kombat film (the sequel sucked). The film used the plot from "Enter the Dragon" to create some stunning fight sequences, a great performance from Christopher Lambert and had a sense of humour (one of Paul WS Anderson's decent films). More

Posted by Makman at 09:54 on 11 May 2008 | Report This Post

I've only played the demo for this game, and it scared the balls off me. If it remains faithful to the game (which is the phrase always used with any adaptation, I know. Shut up!) it will look fantastic at least. And if they show that bit from the game where you see a shadow of a "woman" looking into a pram, I won't sleep for a week. And besides, this guy did The Ring and it was alright. More

Posted by jcthefirst at 14:54 on 10 May 2008 | Report This Post

RE: Verbinski To Tackle Bioshock
Fantastic game. I'm not particularly interested in seeing it adapted into a live-action film though, and especially not with Verbinski handling the direction. More

Posted by Kazuya at 12:24 on 10 May 2008 | Report This Post

its must be as graphic as sin. More

Posted by homesick alien at 21:28 on 09 May 2008 | Report This Post

No game movie has ever been any good. Verbinski will ruin this like he ruined the 2nd and 3rd Pirates films.  If it wasn't for Jonny Depp they would have been bollocks the size of the moon. More

Posted by kinge247 at 19:57 on 09 May 2008 | Report This Post

personally im waiting for Dizzy Egg: The Movie !! More

Posted by waltham1979 at 16:21 on 09 May 2008 | Report This Post

I think Verbinski has the visual talent to make a great looking Bioshock movie, But his grip on storytelling is not so great. I mean seriously what the fuck was Pirates of the Carribean 3 all about?. I'll give this movie a fair go, But for now i'm dubious. More

Posted by Stewie_Griffin at 15:54 on 09 May 2008 | Report This Post

For Verbinski
Nooooo, don't mess wi...wait, Gore Verbinski? Ok, ok...maybe it could work. Ssssht, wait with the anger: I know it's easy to diss every game movie ever, but you've got to admit most directors were shite to begin with. Verbinski is a good director who knows how to lead a big aquatic (!) film. Yeah yeah, diss al you want about Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3, but they were Very Entertaining Movies and anyone who disagrees with that is either spoiled, a chronically cranky critic or an Arthouse More

Posted by Bluehawk at 13:16 on 09 May 2008 | Report This Post

My husband spent weeks playing Bioshock and exploring the world that is Rapture and i have to say that i fell in love with the game. The art was specatular, the story orginial and the character's are brilliant especially Atlas and Sander Cohen. A would like to see it made into a movie and if done right, will make a great film. Go for it Gore! A scary thought... What if Uwe Boll had gotten his hands on it! More

Posted by Yvonne299 at 13:05 on 09 May 2008 | Report This Post

Just stop!
It's a great game which has already grossed more than the film ever will so, WHY BOTHER?! Also, I know I should give every movie or movie idea the benefit of the doubt before I've seen them but this is a video game adaptation which means it'll have shite written through it like a stick of rock! More

Posted by Bushman at 12:49 on 09 May 2008 | Report This Post

That does sound strangely appealing - oh dear, I said it... I'm looking forward to a videogame adaptation! I must see a doctor. More

Posted by Manfrendshensindshen at 11:00 on 09 May 2008 | Report This Post

Somethings wrong
A film based on a game is being made an I am feeling possitive about it?! Providing he gets the games creepy atmosphere and he doesn't make it a PG-13 this is will be on the road to success. More

Posted by Ricorodrigeuz at 10:54 on 09 May 2008 | Report This Post

Somethings wrong
A film based on a game is being made an I am feeling possitive about it?! Providing he gets the games creepy atmosphere and he doesn't make it a PG-13 this is will be on the road to success. More

Posted by Ricorodrigeuz at 10:49 on 09 May 2008 | Report This Post

Could it break the curse?
It bloody well better!   BioShock is an and it actually has a rock-solid story with a genuine narrative arc and - gasp! - a shocking twist (number two in my list of "shocking game twists", just behind Knights of the Old Republic).  There are several characters besides the hero, which means it won't be a simple one-man-on-a-mission, and the darker elements could serve it well if the script is well written.  One thing I'd do is make Atlas, who's Jack's guide through the game, a More

Posted by britesparc at 09:39 on 09 May 2008 | Report This Post

Ohw yeah
Bioshock is the by far best game I've played for years. If Gore manages to stay true to the 'feeling' of the game, we're in for a treat. More

Posted by Jeehde2 at 09:36 on 09 May 2008 | Report This Post

"Could this break the curse?"
It fuckin better had! I love this game, as i'm sure millions others do. Verbrinski better pull out all the stops for this one! More

Posted by tallaght24 at 09:34 on 09 May 2008 | Report This Post

RE: This could work
If they can capture the look of the game, that'll be a great start. I loved all three of the POTC films, despite the backlash the sequels seemed to get, so Verbinski seems to be a good choice for this.   Gotta be honest though, I don't know much about the game beyond the first couple of levels. Those Big brother things were just too hard to fight. Go in, fire a few shots, get killed, regenerate, repeat fifteen time until it's dead then find the next one. It just wasn't worth it. Maybe More

Posted by the ageless stranger at 09:17 on 09 May 2008 | Report This Post

bioshock was no doubt one of the best games of last year, and the first half of the story was brilliant, but im not sure if a film will do it justice.. though the story was one of the better videogame storylines, the first person perspective allowed you to experience everything firsthand, it was immersive, your actions had weight, this is impossible to capture in film because an outcome is predetermined. i dont think that verbinski could pull off the same experience as the game, but there is a l More

Posted by themanwithnousername at 08:49 on 09 May 2008 | Report This Post

This could work
I agree with Kevmiester, do not send a "team" down, that's why Doom was crap. It's a first person shooter game so do please just have the one man go there...I havent fully played the game yet (only played about 15min before crapping my pants from the sound effects on my 5.1 speaker set up. It's so real its unreal!), but I hope to get back onto it very soon. Gore Verbinski did us proud with POTC films so I can only imagine he will do his best for this one. After all if you can turn a More

Posted by Noelg25 at 08:25 on 09 May 2008 | Report This Post

The game is sweet, but not as good as the reviews suggest, the story simply started off good because it was a good idea, it had a dreadful second half and stupid twist half way through so i hope the story is different. And for Gods sake dont have a "team" go down and explore the city, keep it as one man exploring the place. More

Posted by The Kevmiester at 08:07 on 09 May 2008 | Report This Post

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