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Twilight sequel gets into the groove

18 February 2009  |  Written by Chris Hewitt  |  Source: EW

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Just when we thought we couldn’t get any more excited about New Moon, the Twilight sequel currently being prepped by Chris Weitz, along comes EW with a stupendous rumour that Madonna may be contributing to its soundtrack.

Bear in mind that this is all just hearsay (not to be confused with Hear’Say, sadly), but the scuttlebutt on the street is that, because Madge’s manager, Guy Oseary, is a producer on the movie, that his client would be involved somehow.

At first, word was that Madonna might be cameoing in the movie. That doesn’t appear to be the case, though, and thank God – it’s going to be scary enough with all those werewolves and big-haired vampires running around. Instead, it looks like Madonna may contribute some songs to the soundtrack, although it’s very early days yet.

This is, obviously, great news. Madonna is on a creative high right now, as vital and vibrant at the age of 50 as she was at the age of 49, and her last specifically tailored contribution to a movie soundtrack was the best Bond theme ever, Die Another Day.

So what’s not to love about this idea? In fact, we say that Weitz – who has experience of getting musicians to write scores, after Badly Drawn Boy wrote the About A Boy OST – goes the whole hog, and turns New Moon into a musical. Suggestions for song titles welcome, readers…

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Your Comments

Please NO Madonna...
This movie should have some music from more "younger" artists such as One Days Grace (Pain) for instance. I am a 40-something year old woman and I wouldn't want Madonna's music on New Moon. More

Posted by JAZZYNM at 21:25 on 13 March 2009 | Report This Post

RE: As Jeremy Irons says in Die Hard 3...
L: Chris Hewitt Hook, line and sinker. Really, guys? You really thought I was endorsing Die Another Day? That song is just one of the reasons why the film is nearly unwatchable. Since you've failed in the sarcasm stakes, would you be able to point out which bits of this article are sarcastice and which are not? Since it's as clear as puppy poop. Ta muchly. More

Posted by UTB at 09:22 on 21 February 2009 | Report This Post

RE: Madonna To Write Music For New Moon?
Die Another Day was shocking.....I can't see how a 50 year old woman can contribute a relevant song/s to a film series targetted at a much younger market.  Nothing against Madonna, she must be doing something right if she's still performing and selling out concerts, but a song from her in New Moon just wouldn't work... More

Posted by ali.jones11783 at 01:08 on 21 February 2009 | Report This Post

RE: Madonna To Write Music For New Moon?
Please, somebody, anybody STOP HER! More

Posted by AstridOlga at 22:47 on 19 February 2009 | Report This Post

Dear god please let that be a rumour!! The first soundtrack was so good, madonna would completely degrade the soundtrack to new moon - No No No!!! More

Posted by hglazier at 16:35 on 19 February 2009 | Report This Post

As Jeremy Irons says in Die Hard 3...
Hook, line and sinker. Really, guys? You really thought I was endorsing Die Another Day? That song is just one of the reasons why the film is nearly unwatchable. More

Posted by Chris Hewitt at 08:32 on 19 February 2009 | Report This Post

Monster Mash
Is just begging for a Madge cover version. More

Posted by Marcus Aurelius at 22:46 on 18 February 2009 | Report This Post

Haha, this is the most sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek article I've ever read on here. Brilliant! More

Posted by SpaceLion at 16:21 on 18 February 2009 | Report This Post

....about those song titles??? p.s. I think Chris was joking about Die Another Day are the easy tiltes: Edward Cullen Was Sullen Bella don't preach Spider Monkey (perfect title for Madonna's new style of music) Big Hair Day I want you to suck it.....suck my blood An ode to a vampire Moonlight Like A Vampire Virgin Vague Vampire 4 minutes of vampire lovin Hung Up on Jacob Jacobue (jack-ooo-b-e; say it like you would vogue) More

Posted by mosephland at 16:03 on 18 February 2009 | Report This Post

oh dear oh dear More

Posted by vivlitherland at 15:37 on 18 February 2009 | Report This Post

RE: Reconsider your standing....
Di(r)e Another Day? Ugh. Thanks for reminding me. More

Posted by C.C.C.P. at 13:55 on 18 February 2009 | Report This Post

Reconsider your standing....
Die Another Day was the WORST Bond theme ever! More

Posted by cabstar at 12:46 on 18 February 2009 | Report This Post

i luv Twighligh bt Madona will ruin dis movie wit her music cause she is rite crap LOL. cant weight for sequel though. I want more Robert Patterson, is he in it? I luv him so much and twighlight 4eva. More

Posted by Scabby at 12:12 on 18 February 2009 | Report This Post

thank god someone agrees with me. stephenie meyers playlist has meaning putting the likes of the jonas bros n madonna in now is goin to spoil it. More

Posted by welshred at 12:05 on 18 February 2009 | Report This Post

They should use Stephanie Mayer's playlists for the film, not some cack from someone who probably hasn't read the books More

Posted by princess_movie at 11:45 on 18 February 2009 | Report This Post

I appreciate Chris Hewitt's ironic sense of humour - "the best Bond theme ever". Yes, and Roseanne Barr's got the most beautiful buttocks ever. More

Posted by Manfrendshensindshen at 10:54 on 18 February 2009 | Report This Post

Sounds interesting. Madonna can write any type of mysic. I thought her bond theme was the best thing about die another day. Genius. More

Posted by barneyboy at 08:47 on 18 February 2009 | Report This Post

The best bond theme ever? Die Another Day by Madonna sticks out like a sore thumb. I felt as if the bond movie stopped for a Madonna interlude. More

Posted by Funk_Knight at 08:43 on 18 February 2009 | Report This Post

First of all I would like to say that die another day by madonna was ONE of the best bond themes. Secondly and more importantly NOOOOOOOO!!!! WHY? The twilight saga aren't meant to be all ..... Madanna-ish. They are meant to be unique and more indy/rock. I am very dissapointed. I thought the album for Twilight was AMAZING。 Overall I have been thoroughly annoyed with anything I've heard about the new moon film. Vannesa Hutchinson might be starrring in it. I'm afraid that the brilli More

Posted by junot94 at 08:33 on 18 February 2009 | Report This Post

oh god no !!
had to read it twice to make sure i wasn't seeing things "her last specifically tailored contribution to a movie soundtrack was the best Bond theme ever, Die Another Day." please tell me your joking that was on of the worst bond songs ever second only to another way to die More

Posted by jasonbourne.cs at 08:00 on 18 February 2009 | Report This Post

I haven't seen the first Twilight yet simply because it doesn't really appeal to me, and that Decode song gets on my nerves. And now the sequel could be even worse! The involvement of Dakota Fanning gave this some hope but seeing as Die Another Day was one of the WORST Bond themes (what are you thinking Empire?!?!?) and the last good song she produced was a good decade ago, we shall have to see. In all fairness I should see the first movie before I judge any news on this one and a song doesn't m More

Posted by darjeelingmike at 07:59 on 18 February 2009 | Report This Post


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