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Star Trek (2009)
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The Enterprise Revealed
First look at the new NCC-1701

12 November 2008  |  Written by James Dyer  |  Source: Entertainment Weekly

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Empire feasted our eager eyes on a sizeable chunk of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek yesterday, including major action scenes, Romulans getting hacked apart by a ninja Sulu and the first introduction of one James T Kirk (click here for the full story). The only unfortunate thing was that we couldn’t show any of it to you, our readers. Luckily though the first image of the new USS Enterprise has now leaked online and you can get an eyeful below.

There was much speculation over what Abrams would do with the ship’s design with many assuming he’d go for a more industrial look by some of the clips seen of the ship under construction in the first teaser. What we actually have is a sleek, streamlined vessel that owes a great deal to the original NCC-1701 we saw in the original series.

Star Trek Enterprise
Click the image above for more on

Warning, extreme geek-talk follows. The conical nacelles with blue running lights a welcome addition and the stylised housing around the main deflector is a nice touch as well. As qualified Trekkies we give Abrams’ Enterprise our seal of approval and, while we’ll always have a soft spot for the Enterprise D, this is a worthy effort to update an iconic design.

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Your Comments

I'm liking what i'm seeing
I'm not a trekkie, so this reboot affects me much less than George Lucas's seemingly determined effort to fuck up Star Wars as much as possible. I think it looks quite cool. It's got a good vibe, until surefire future turds like The Spirit. More

Posted by The_Hat at 19:27 on 13 November 2008 | Report This Post

That's her!
I must admit that this is the first Enterprise that didn't make me go WOW (an I've loved'm all baby!!!). It does look like a mid fusion between the series version and movie version. It looks great up until the Warp Nacelles - they are ugly - and instead of gracefull the secondary hull and nacelle support struts look stubby - but I am not worried. Design is now about how something moves not what it looks like when it is still. Nick Meyer wanted the Enterprise to move like a gallion in ST-II, thou More

Posted by Funk_Knight at 09:57 on 13 November 2008 | Report This Post

well well whats we got here
i tells yea what a fine lookin ship :) i was worried they might try keep the plastic look or the polar opposite to advanced looking i thinks they has it just right just wished they tweeked the uniforms a little more More

Posted by SteadyEddie at 00:15 on 13 November 2008 | Report This Post

Can't wait for this movie, and can i just say to the moaners (particularly nybras), if you don't want to watch this movie then don't watch it. If you weren't remotely interested you wouldn't even comment. I think most of you are closet trekkies with ginger hair and no girlfriend. More

Posted by onetwo at 20:45 on 12 November 2008 | Report This Post

Can't wait for this movie, and can i just say to the moaners (particularly nybras), if you don't want to watch this movie then don't watch it. If you weren't remotely interested you wouldn't even comment. I think most of you are closet trekkies with ginger hair and no girlfriend. More

Posted by onetwo at 20:34 on 12 November 2008 | Report This Post

B-E-A-luvverly!!! More

Posted by Bubba76 at 18:25 on 12 November 2008 | Report This Post

Agree with "shanewire" I hate all Star Trek TV and movie as well as Lost and so on... Not really looking forward to this film, as with Star Wars and Star Trek, both should be laid to rest. Let’s have something new, with fresh ideas and a new era. More

Posted by nybras at 17:30 on 12 November 2008 | Report This Post

Looks cool
I don't like star trek, I hate lost and i think Jen Garner's the only good thing about alias but for some reason I'm really excited about this movie. Any other non-trekkies looking forward to it? More

Posted by shanewire at 16:33 on 12 November 2008 | Report This Post

Great Scotty
This comes as well as the footage description yesterday, Ship looks cool, I'm not really a fan of Star Trek but to tell you the truth I can't wait to see this film ... I enjoyed Abrams Mission Impossible and I am a fan of Lost and now Fringe ... Since he likes reinventing things lets see him make a DOCTOR WHO movie next :-) More

Posted by the_darkest_knight at 14:48 on 12 November 2008 | Report This Post

I'm a big fan of the orinal series, but my fandom was beaten out of me by the seemingly unending series of spin offs. A few years back I watched through the original series again and came to a conclusion - it was brilliant and the spin-offs were just a pale imitation. So when I heard they were going to do a movie the big question was could they be loyal to the original tv series (Enterprise really dropped the ball on that front). What I've seen so far, including the ship, looks brilliant. It ke More

Posted by mikeycarteruk at 13:58 on 12 November 2008 | Report This Post

En-ter-pri-ese......rock -n-rooooll! That's my tribute to the Enterprise theme music there!! More

Posted by Big Red at 12:45 on 12 November 2008 | Report This Post

I have to say I'm a little disappointed. It looks a bit ungainly with its flared neck where it meets the secondary hull. It doesn't seem elegant. However, I am grateful they haven't strayed far from the classic design. Will reserve complete judgement for when I see her in action ;) More

Posted by herbertwest1701 at 12:37 on 12 November 2008 | Report This Post

I'm liking what I see!
It looks well smart! More

Posted by AquaDragon2K at 12:28 on 12 November 2008 | Report This Post

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's so f*cking coooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!! well done JJ!!! More

Posted by ranaraptor at 11:45 on 12 November 2008 | Report This Post

JOYGASM!!!!! t's very in keeping with the Bridge, in a retro-futuristic way. Kudos to the design department. More

Posted by HIM at 11:38 on 12 November 2008 | Report This Post

As a non Trekkie let me be the first to say: Congratulations, it looks the same as the others. More

Posted by UTB at 11:31 on 12 November 2008 | Report This Post

Looks nice
This will shock some but I don't ever remember watching a single episode of Star Trek although having looked at these images I regret it. Film looks amazing. I just hope this doesn't turn out like The Simpsons Movie which was good but far from great. More

Posted by Rico rodrigeuz at 10:45 on 12 November 2008 | Report This Post

not everyone likes it
I like it, but you should see some of the hilariously sad comments on the trekbbs website. More

Posted by robrob75 at 10:18 on 12 November 2008 | Report This Post

Well its a thumbs up from me! More

Posted by The Bantam Menace at 10:12 on 12 November 2008 | Report This Post

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