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The 666 Greatest Horror Characters
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533 533 The Prowler
Played by: Peter Giuliano
Film(s): Rosemary's Killer - aka The Prowler (1981)

Yet more Savini. The effects supremo isn't the man behind the dark mask of this 80s slasher, but he is behind the gore and grue he leaves behind, pitchforks and bayonets a specialty. The killer is revealed to be the Sheriff, played by Farley Granger, but Granger was not the man behind the mask; that was the larger and scarier Peter Guiliano.

532 532 The Farmer
Played by: Dave Legeno
Film(s): The Cottage (2008)

This is a hideously deformed British take on Leatherface in Paul Andrew Williams' wicked horror-comedy. This farmer will make you think twice about knocking on the door of remote farms when your GPS starts playing up.

Daryl Van Horne
Played by: Jack Nicholson
Film(s): The Witches Of Eastwick (1987)

Nicholson again, hamming it up as a very sexual - and ultimately, very disheveled - Satan in George Miller's dark comedy. People always say that Jack plays himself. God, we hope not.

530 530 Quentin
Played by: Maurice Dean Wint
Film(s): Cube (1997)

Slow burn psychosis from the admirable Maurice Dean Wint in Vincenzo Natali's brilliant, attention-grabbing, brain-bending debut. He starts the movie as the obvious hero amongst a group of people trapped in a seemingly inescapable deadly cube, but as it becomes apparent that the only way out is by solving the sort of mathematical equations that would baffle Rachel Riley, Quentin puts 2 and 2 together, and comes up with 'Aaaaaaaaaargh'.

529 529 Rainbird
Played by: George C. Scott
Film(s): Firestarter (1984)

A class-act from the powerhouse George C. Scott, the eyepatched John Rainbird is both charismatically chummy and an alarming maniac. He wants to look into Drew Barrymore's eyes as he kills her, so that he can absorb her power. We're not clear what belief system that represents. He probably invented it.

528 528 Pauline
Played by: AnnaLynne McCord
Film(s): Excision (2012)

A high-school loser whose orgasmic obsession with blood and fascination for amateur surgery make a dangerous combination. Amazingly, she's played by 90210 stalwart Annalynne McCord, who never showed this much range on that show.

Freddy Krueger
Played by: Jackie Earle Haley
Film(s): A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)

It is, obviously, impossible to shake the memory of Robert Englund. Neverthless, the remake's casting of Haley, with the attendant baggage from the convicted paedophile he played in Little Children, was a more low-key, sombre, sinister masterstroke.

526 526 Harry Warden
Played by: Peter Cowper
Film(s): My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Yes, he's a gas-masked, helmeted and goggled slasher maniac, but he was ahead of the early '00s crop, and he's notable for preferring a blue-collar set of murder tools, especially his pick-axe.

525 525 Billy
Played by: Robert Brian Wilson
Film(s): Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

What's the matter? You don't like Santa Claus?!

Ann 524
Played by: Tracy Bregman
Film(s): Happy Birthday To Me (1981)

The evil half-sister of Melissa Sue Anderson’s Ginny, Ann is a psychopathic killer who’s a few candles shy of a birthday cake. Miss her party at your peril.

523 523 Eric
Played by: Carlos Sério
Film(s): House On Sorority Row (1983)

Eric is a stab-happy mutant camping out in the sorority house attic. There would be worse places to hide.

522 522 Buffy
Played by: Deborah Foreman
Film(s): April Fool's Day (1986)

Ridiculous evil twin shenanigans provide some inventive kills... or do they?

521 521 Inspector Calhoun
Played by: Donald Pleasance
Film(s): Death Line - aka Raw Meat (1973)

Pleasance, as a crumpled copper investigating cannibals on the Underground, is a cynical delight in this gory '70s shocker, deservedly being reappraised as a minor classic. A veritable fount of weary one-liners, Calhoun at one point buggers off to the pub instead of doing his job. He's probably Chief Inspector at the Met now.

520 520 Jamie Lloyd
Played by: Danielle Harris
Film(s): Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

If you thought Michael Myers' sister Laurie Strode suffered, you ain't seen nothing yet. Jamie - first seen as a sweet young kid played here by Danielle Harris (who would go on to star in Rob Zombie's risible remakes) - is attacked by her uncle, briefly possessed by his spirit, then forms a psychic bond with him and gets kidnapped by an acolyte. Ignominously, she's killed in different ways in Halloween VI: The Curse Of Michael Myers: shredded in the theatrical version, and shot in the head in the infamous producer's cut.

Richard Sagawa 519
Richard Sagawa
Played by: Kiyoshirô Imawano
Film(s): The Happiness Of The Katakuris (2001)

The Happiness Of The Katakuris is Takashi Miike's maddest film, which is saying something. And Richard Sagawa, in a movie filled with sumo wrestlers, dancing zombies and families bursting into song, may be the maddest character: a Japanese man pretending to be a US naval officer who claims that he's related to the Queen. Our Queen. Oh, Miike!

518 518 Garrick Turrell
Played by: A.J. Bowen
Film(s): A Horrible Way To Die (2010)

Bowen's moustachioed maniac, the star of Adam Wingard's lo-fi Sundancey horror, is an 'orrible sort, leaving bodies galore in his wake. But as it turns out he does it all for love. Ish. It's just weird, icky, serial killer love, the sort that Hallmark don't make cards for.

517 517 Razorback
Played by: n/a
Film(s): Razorback (1984)

This is Porky's revenge: a giant boar, rampaging across the Outback, noshing on Aussies like human bacon. Director Russell Mulcahy fondly refers to his creation as "Jaws on trotters"...

Played by: Song Kang-Ho
Film(s): Thirst (2009)

If Twilight's teen vamps leave you cold, try a taste of Song Kang-Ho's Catholic priest, mutated into a dolefully slobbering vampire after a vaccine-gone-wrong. He mopes, he flies, he sucks on hospital patients like human smoothies. From the twisted brainhead of Park Chan Wook.

515 515 Reno Miller
Played by: Abel Ferrera
Film(s): Driller Killer (1979)

DIY or DIE! Abel Ferrera directs himself as tortured artist Reno, taking on New York's scum with a Black & Decker and a seething bag of Catholic angst. The tramp-trepanning scene's still fabulously upsetting.

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