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The 666 Greatest Horror Characters
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571 571 Mr. Robeson
Played by: Everett McGill
Film(s): The People Under The Stairs (1991)

David Lynch regular McGill brings out the gimp as the demented daddy in Wes Craven's house of horrors, playing hunt-the-kid in a squeaky S&M tracksuit. Plus incest. And cannibalism. Aw, come for a cuddle, you big softie...

570 570 Peter Neal
Played by: Anthony Franciosa
Film(s): Tenebrae (1982)

Anthony Franciosa's horror author is rather too fond of his subject in this Argento giallo. As it turns out, he's equally proficient with a typewriter and an axe, and fond of deadlines.

Gerald Olin
Played by: Samuel L. Jackson
Film(s): 1408 (2007)

In a single scene that blows the rest of the movie out of the water, hotel manager Samuel L. Jackson tries to persuade John Cusack NOT to spend the night in the titular room. Underneath there's a sense that Jackson's Olin is trying to lure Cusack's Mike Enslin to a fate that's exactly the same as death. As our review said, it's dripping with dread.

568 568 Katrina
Played by: Grace Jones
Film(s): Vamp (1986)

She is wordless, ageless evil, manifested as a nightclub stripper. With stripes. Not even Roger Moore's James Bond would have been to handle this incarnation of Grace Jones.

Peloquin 567
Played by: Oliver Parker
Film(s): Nightbreed (1990)

A dreadlocked dynamo who can smell innocence, Oliver Parker's Peloquin is the coolest of Midian's monsters, even if he primarily views you as meat for the beast. Even more terrifying, Parker went on to direct Johnny English: Reborn.

566 566 Vukmir
Played by: Sergej Trifunovic
Film(s): A Serbian Film (2010)

Consider this Satan incarnate as a snuff porn director (Sergej Trifunovic), a man who is somewhat liberal in his view of what's acceptable viewing.

Abin Cooper
Played by: Michael Parks
Film(s): Red State (2011)

Kevin State's successful detour into horror understands that there's nothing more terrifying than a zealot who's willing to sacrifice anything. Cooper, a bigoted minister who's not afraid to imprison, kill and blackmail, is one such zealot. After several wonderful cameos for Quentin Tarantino, this gave Michael Parks a chance to sink his teeth into a meaty role. Amen, brother.

564 564 Lawrence Gordon
Played by: Cary Elwes
Film(s): Saw (2004)

Cary Elwes' complacent doctor is one of Jigsaw's first targets, and makes grisly use of the eponymous implement to free himself. That first appearance was all fine and dandy, and Elwes solid in the role. We just don't buy his sudden return in Saw 3D: The Final Chapter, or his conversion to the ways of Jigsaw.

563 563 'Judas'
Played by: Mark Steger
Film(s): The Pact (2012)

Sound the spoiler horn! If you have yet to catch it, Nic McCarthy's supernatural horror climaxes with a shivery character reveal - serial-killer Judas, emerging from his lair under the floorboards, one eye blue, one eye green, hunched, growling, armed with knife. Brrrrr... move over, Killer Bob

562 562 Bludworth
Played by: Tony Todd
Film(s): Final Destination 2  (2003), Final Destination 3 (2006), Final Destination 5  (2011), Final Destination  (2000)

One of the few characters to appear in four Final Destination movies, even if the plots do often move mountains to shoehorn him in, Tony Todd gives it his best ominous growl as the mysterious morgue attendant who, somehow, seems to know all about Death's design.

561 561 Azazel
Played by: Various
Film(s): Fallen (1998)

A shadowy demon who torments Denzel Washington's cop by flitting from host to host, Azazel wins points for his musical taste: he constantly alerts Denzel to his presence by singing The Stones' Time Is On My Side. At least it's a less on-the-nose choice than Sympathy For The Devil in Flight, eh, Mr. Zemeckis?

Rhoda Penmark
Played by: Patty McCormacz
Film(s): The Bad Seed (1956)

Before Damien et al, there was Rhoda, a serial-killer squeezed into the body of an angelic eight-year old girl. The precocious McCormack was deservedly Oscar-nominated as this psycho Shirley Temple.

559 559 Lucifer
Played by: Peter Stormare
Film(s): Constantine (2005)

Another movie Satan makes the list, as Peter Stormare's barefoot Beelzebub shows up at the end to collect John Constantine's soul and has a grand old time hamming it up, sniffing the air and snorting like a deranged pig.

Crazy Ralph 558
Crazy Ralph
Played by: Walt Gorney
Film(s): Friday The 13th (1980), Friday The 13th Part 2 (1981)

Gorney's forest-dwelling loon constantly and correctly informs the Camp Crystal Lake counselors that they're "all doomed!". He's right, of course, and finds this out the hard way in Part 2 when he's garroted by Jason.

557 557 Shark Fighting Zombie
Played by: Ramón Bravo
Film(s): Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979)

Y'all know it. Y'all know how it makes a living. This zombie'll find your shark for three, but it'll catch it and eat its brain for ten. Or at least battle the shark until the shark tears its arm off and they decide to call it a draw.

556 556 Three-Finger
Played by: Julian Richings
Film(s): Wrong Turn (2003)

If Wrong Turn is a Stars In Their Eyes version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then Three-Finger is its Matthew Kelly. And before you dwell too long on that metaphor and realise it doesn't make a blind bit of sense, a bit of context about Three-Finger: he's an evil cannibal. He's deformed. He has three fingers. He's played by a different actor in each of his Wrong Turn appearances. He probably can't imitate the singing voice of anybody famous.

555 555 Pinner
Played by: Billy Clarke
Film(s): The Devil's Business (2011)

Sean Hogan's hitman horror was overlooked in the avalanche of love for Kill List, but Billy Clarke's unvarnished contract killer, bathed metaphorically in blood, is a haunting standout.

Played by: Aneurin Barnard
Film(s): Citadel (2012)

Aneurin Barnard is hugely impressive as a paranoid widower battling to save his young daughter from demonic hoodies in Ciaran Foy's atmospheric chiller, one that could have been re-titled Attacked By The Block.

553 553 Simon
Played by: Claudio Volonté
Film(s): Twitch Of The Death Nerve - aka A Bay Of Blood (1971)

Ostensibly the villain of the piece, Simon's actually kind of an arbitrary choice, given that Mario Bava's extraordinarily twisty thriller is the kind of film where practically everybody kills everyone else. But Claudio Volonté is the gruesome standout, plottin' and dispatchin' with equal aplomb.

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