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The 666 Greatest Horror Characters
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590 590 Christian
Played by: Peter Marshall
Film(s): The Horseman (2008)

Peter Marshall brings chills and winces in this Ozploitation vigilante-dad horror: pest-controller by day, porn-gang destroyer by, er, day as well. After seeing what he does with a bicycle pump, you'll be crossing your legs for a lifetime...

589 589 Professor Howard Birack
Played by: Victor Wong
Film(s): Prince Of Darkness (1987)

Straggly of hair, his face perpetually scrunched up as if he’d been asked a difficult algebra question, and agreeably forthright, Victor Wong’s second collaboration with John Carpenter (one year after Big Trouble In Little China) saw him assay a theoretical physics professor who finds himself caught in the middle of a battle to save mankind. It’s Carpenter’s last great horror, and the ever-idiosyncratic Wong is brilliant in it, able to bring meaning and life to speeches about quantum physics. He’s like Professor Brian Cox, only somehow more awesome.

Played by: Joe Turkel
Film(s): The Shining (1980)

Joe Turkel's perpetually cheerful ghost barman is, simply put, the creepiest in movie history. Yes, even more so than Tom Cruise in Cocktail. When he pours, evil reigns.

587 587 Jonathan P. Miller
Played by: William Boyett
Film(s): The Hidden (1987)

The most memorable of the title star's hosts, William Boyett's middle-aged man, given an injection of life by the alien parasite inside him, bludgeons, shoots and - yes! - farts his way through a non-stop crime spree before succumbing to his dicky ticker on the floor of a strip club. Let's face it, it's how we'd all want to go.

586 586 Zombie Uncle
Played by: Emilio Mencheta
Film(s): Rec 3: Genesis (2012)

Why give the bride and groom a boring old John Lewis voucher when you can gatecrash their wedding with a dose of infectious Recpox - the gift that keeps on giving? This former vet is eventually shut up with a salsa blender to the face.

585 585 Kincaid
Played by: Ken Sagoes
Film(s): Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987)

Ken Sagoes' tough, bruised kid, who gains the strength in his dreams that he could never have in the mental institution where he lives, is arguably the most memorable of the Dream Warriors, able to face down Freddy Krueger and win. Ish.

John Loftmore 584
John Loftmore
Played by: Bruce Campbell
Film(s): Waxwork II: Lost In Time (1992)

Nobody takes an on-screen shoeing like Bruce Campbell, who shows off his slapstick side in this black and white cameo as a man whose ribcage is exposed to the elements. Those elements include persistently pecking birds and a liberal dousing in salt and vinegar. And yes, that smarts.

Sarah 583
Played by: Lori Cardille
Film(s): Day Of The Dead (1985)

The heroine of the last of Romero's first Dead trilogy is, yes, a strong woman. But as the only female in an underground bunker filled with increasingly animalistic soldiers who are slowly but surely beginning to eye her up, Lori Cardille's Sarah has to be. And that is not to say that Cardille's scientist is an unthinking, unfeeling, unflappable zombie-killing machine. She's anything but, crumbling emotionally and mentally from the stress of the situation, and trying desperately to hold it together.

582 582 Silas
Played by: Geoffrey Whitehead
Film(s): And Now The Screaming Starts (1973)

This super-creepy phantom woodsman (Geoffrey Whitehead) terrorises Stephanie Beacham's buxom bride with his gouged-out eyes, axed-off arms, disembodied hand and mildly horrifying Oasis hair. Up fer it, mad fer it, positively fucking insane fer it.

581 581 Ted Bundy
Played by: Michael Reilly Burke
Film(s): Bundy (2002)

All in the worst possible taste, Matthew Bright's campy true-crime movie boasts a ladykilling turn from Michael Reilly Burke as the real-life American Psycho, shifting from charmer to harmer in the bulge of an eye.

Flasher Gremlin
Played by: n/a
Film(s): Gremlins (1984)

This little fella accosts a beleaguered Phoebe Cates in her bar and shows her everything he's got. Which, being a Gremlin with no obvious genitalia, isn't much. Arguably the most glorious example of Gremlin logic across both of Joe Dante's madcap movies.

Jared Nomak 579
Jared Nomak
Played by: Luke Goss
Film(s): Blade 2 (2002)

He's the vicious, tragic, formidable leader of the Reapers, mutant vampires so deadly that other vampires - even Blade - fear them. And a generation of Bros survivors rose up in awestruck amazement as Blade 2's credits rolled and said with one voice, "Holy fuck! THAT was LUKE GOSS?!"

578 578 Lenny
Played by: Nicholas Fenella
Film(s): The Hamiltons (2006), The Thompsons (2012)

Nicholas Fenella's vampire, the little brother of the titular family, is only revealed at the end of The Hamiltons. Until that point he's just a mysterious thing in a kennel in their basement. The character returns, played by a different actor, in the sequel, The Thompsons.

577 577 Craig
Played by: Sean Harris
Film(s): Creep (2004)

A dead-eyed freak stalks the London Underground, and we don't mean Dan Jolin on his daily commute. This is Sean Harris, under layers of prosthetics, as the eponymous monster who punishes passengers on the underground for not renewing their Oyster cards. Or something.

576 576 Professor Richter
Played by: Freddie Jones
Film(s): Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1969)

Another tragic monster, this time Freddie Jones is a friend of Frankenstein's who never even volunteered for a brain transplant. He's not best pleased when he wakes up

575 575 Thea
Played by: Ellen Drew
Film(s): Isle Of The Dead (1945)

As far as we know, Ellen Drew is cinema's only 'vorvolaka' (an Ancient Greece's twist on the vampire)... OR IS SHE? Bad news: she gets buried alive. Good news: she rises again to kebab her tormentors with a spiky trident.

574 574 Krug Stillo
Played by: David Hess
Film(s): Last House on the Left (1972)

This vile gang leader and rapist/murderer seems to operate out of pure boredom in Wes Craven's debut feature. He was played by the brilliant Garret Dillahunt in the remake, but somehow David Hess' amateur performance only adds to his creepy blankness.

573 573 Travis Patterson
Played by: Bradley Cooper
Film(s): My Little Eye (2002)

A pre-fame Bradley Cooper inveigles his way into a cabin in the woods that isn't all it appears (and this ten years before The Cabin In The Woods). In the film's creepiest moments, Cooper startles us all by suddenly speaking to the camera...

Played by: Crispin Glover
Film(s): Willard (2003)

Desperately underrated and not nearly enough seen, this creepy rat-loving mommy's boy may well be the role that Glover was born to play. You could even say it was his density.

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