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The 666 Greatest Horror Characters
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628 628 Big Brain
Played by: Desmond Askew
Film(s): The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

The remake didn't really have an identifying 'face' like the original's Michael Berryman. But Big Brain, calling the shots from the Hellbillys' abandoned ghost-town, is certainly memorable, especially when you consider he was played by former Grange Hill stalwart, Desmond Askew. Just say no.

627 627 Morrison
Played by: James Earl Jones
Film(s): Grim Prairie Tales (1990)

The sort of hair-trigger irritable bear-man who you would rather not share a prairie campfire with, Morrison is played beautifully by James Earl Jones. The voice helps, as you'd expect.

Mrs Carmody 626
Mrs Carmody
Played by: Marcia Gay Harden
Film(s): The Mist (2007)

If there's one thing Stephen King doesn't do, it's modulated, reasonable villains who can be bargained with. And so it is with Marcia Gay Harden's Mrs. Carmody in The Mist, who starts off as a mildly irritating religious nutjob and quickly progresses to a fire-and-brimstone cult leader.

625 625 Martin Lomax
Played by: Laurence R. Harvey
Film(s): The Human Centipede II (2011)

Whatever you may think of the film, the unknown Laurence R. Harvey's virtually wordless performance is amazing. His Lomax - a wackjob obsessed with replicating the events of the first Human Centipede - goes about his horrible business via staple-gun, knife and crowbar. He's a true find, albeit possibly from under a rock.

Matthew Bennell
Played by: Donald Sutherland
Film(s): Invasion of the Bodysnatchers (1978)

Donald Sutherland is his thoroughly likeable self for most of the movie, which makes THAT car alarm shriek ending all the more horrifying.

623 623 Yasmine
Played by: Karina Testa
Film(s): Frontier(s) (2007)

You might think the subterranean cannibal Nazis would make the strongest impression, but it's actually heroine Karina Testa who's seared on your retinas in the extraordinary final twenty minutes.

622 622 Marie
Played by: Anne Parillaud
Film(s): Innocent Blood (1992)

Anne Parillaud - La Femme Nikita herself - goes one step beyond in John Landis' uneven horror-comedy as a fully-fledged serial killing vampire, with eyes so blue Man City could wear them. But don't worry: she only eats bad guys.

Jennifer Check
Played by: Megan Fox
Film(s): Jennifer's Body (2009)

Jennifer boasts high-school horror hotness from a perfectly cast Megan Fox as the cheerleader bitch from hell and the pen of Diablo Cody.

620 620 Cheche/Pazuzu
Played by: Billy Crawford
Film(s): Dominion: A Prequel To The Exorcist (2005)

A chatty and erudite Pazuzu manifests through a young African boy in Paul Schrader's underrated prequel. The character didn't make it through to Renny Harlin's Exorcist: The Beginning, an oversight symptomatic of that film's failings.

619 619 Reverend Zombie
Played by: Tony Todd
Film(s): Hatchet 1 (2006), Hatchet 2 (2010)

Playing amusingly on Tony Todd's horror-icon status, Reverend Zombie is a voodoo charlatan rocking a Baron Samedi style. He runs dodgy boat trips out to the Louisiana swamps, where lurks Jason knock-off Victor Crowley.

618 618 Michael
Played by: Peter Bark
Film(s): Burial Ground (1981)

The infamous break-out star of Bianchi's grindhouse "classic" is Peter Bark's adult Italian midget, who bears an odd resemblance to Dario Argento. He plays a (very mature-looking) bratty child having an incestuous relationship with his mother. Truly bizarre.

617 617 Sex Machine
Played by: Tom Savini
Film(s): From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Make-up maestro Tom Savini is no stranger to playing charismatic bikers (see Romero's Dawn Of The Dead), but From Dusk Till Dawn's, erm, suave and sophisticated supporting player is probably the first he's played with a penis-gun. Six-shooter, too. Ladies?

616 616 Schweik
Played by: Antoine Saint-Jean
Film(s): The Beyond (1981)

All artists crave immortality. Schweik actually achieves it in Lucio Fulci's fever dream. His early doors death-by-quicklime opens a gateway to the realm of death, which causes no end of problems, and later he returns as an unstoppable zombie to orchestrate more chaos. Eat your heart (and brains and lung and spleen) out, Banksy.

Lily 615
Played by: Hannah Feerman
Film(s): V/H/S (2012)

The standout of David Bruckner's section from the found-footage anthology, Lily is a wide-eyed stalker chick who repeatedly says nothing but "I like you" and turns out to be rather more than she seems. Alarming.

Gorcha 614
Played by: Boris Karloff
Film(s): Black Sabbath (1963)

The great Boris Karloff, who also introduces Mario Bava's anthology as himself in the AIP version of the great Italian flick, is on fine wild-eyed form as the patriarch of a family who's transformed into a succubusy, vampirey-type thing.

613 613 Lady Sylvia Marsh
Played by: Amanda Donohoe
Film(s): The Lair of the White Worm (1988)

She's a vampire snake goddess who's far from ladylike. Don't accept a lift from her, don't spend time at her house, don't agree to have a bath with her, and NEVER let her give you a blow job.

612 612 Mary Loomis
Played by: Meg Tilly
Film(s): Psycho II (1983)

There was so much pressure on Tom Holland's follow-up to Hitchcock's peerless original that it was a surprise when it turned out to not only be semi-coherent, but to have something of the spirit of the original. Meg Tilly's sympathetic turn, as a girl whose attraction to Norman is more genuine than her surname might suggest, is a standout.

Played by: Vinnie Jones
Film(s): The Midnight Meat Train (2008)

Yes, it's a Vinnie Jones character. But Jones is very effective as a chilling and mute psychopath who boards the New York subway system every night at midnight and goes on a murderous rampage, all part of a sinister conspiracy that David Icke might recognise. If this Jones grabbed Gazza's goolies, he might not be so inclined to give them back.

Dorothy Yates 610
Dorothy Yates
Played by: Sheila Keith
Film(s): Frightmare (1974)

One of Sheila Keith's gleeful roles for British schlockmeister Pete Walker, Dorothy is a little old lady with a penchant for cannibalism and driller-killing. Nora Batty? Nora Batshitcrazy, more like.

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