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The 666 Greatest Horror Characters
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Played by: Timothy Balme
Film(s): Braindead (1992)

Timothy Balme's increasingly panicked mummy's boy is, like Derek in Bad Taste, a wimp who must man up quickly in the face of a gory onslaught. A neat pastiche of Bruce Campbell's Ash in Evil Dead II, with lawnmower replacing chainsaw, and none of the Eastwood cool.

133 133 Dr Blair
Played by: Wilford Brimley
Film(s): The Thing (1982)

The most complex character in The Thing, Blair starts out as the levelheaded scientist with whom we automatically identify, before going - perhaps rightly - apeshit when he realises the implications of letting The Thing out of Antarctica and into a populated area. Wilford Brimley gives great brood throughout.

132 132 Matt Hooper
Played by: Richard Dreyfuss
Film(s): Jaws (1975)

Richard Dreyfuss became Steven Spielberg's alter ego after impressing as the rich kid shark expert with a point to prove. Dreyfuss is so likeable as Hooper - whether he's clashing swords with Quint, essentially telling the Mayor that he's an idiot or getting spooked by Ben Gardner's head - that it's a blessed relief that Carl Gottlieb's screenplay didn't follow Peter Benchley's novel and a) have him embark on an affair with Mrs. Brody and b) kill him off.

131 131 Barbra
Played by: Judith O'Dea
Film(s): Night Of The Living Dead (1968)

Subject of one of the most famous lines in horror history - "They're coming to get you, Barbraaaaa" - the heroine of George A. Romero's B&W classic is, actually, a bit of a damp squib, retreating into a catatonic trance for much of the movie before they do come to get her.

130 130 Jennings
Played by: David Warner
Film(s): The Omen (1976)

David Warner's ill-fated photographer has a nice line in neckties. Shame he doesn't have a neck to tie anything around.

Deacon Frost 129
Deacon Frost
Played by: Stephen Dorff
Film(s): Blade (1998)

Blade's bloodsucking nemesis is the ultimate horror: a vampire AND a yuppie. Also, he's not averse to chucking innocent kids into the path of a bus. Great suits, though.

Mrs White 128
Mrs White
Played by: Piper Laurie
Film(s): Carrie (1976)

Piper Laurie is utterly terrifying as Stephen King's mother from hell. Ironic, really, given her deeply religious beliefs.

Malcolm Crowe
Played by: Bruce Willis
Film(s): The Sixth Sense (1999)


Dr Moreau 126
Dr Moreau
Played by: Charles Laughton
Film(s): Island of Lost Souls (1932)

It's hard to imagine anyone as a more definitive Moreau than Laughton's amoral sadist. Brando certainly didn't manage it.

Ralphie Glick 125
Ralphie Glick
Played by: Ronnie Scribner
Film(s): Salem's Lot (1979)

What's that tap-tap-tapping at your bedroom window in the dead of night? Is it a tree? No, it's a floating vampire kid, with skin like a china doll, demanding to be let in so he can have a cool relaxing drink of you. Just shut the curtains, we're sure he'll go away in time.

124 124 Mayor Vaughn
Played by: Murray Hamilton
Film(s): Jaws (1975)

Murray Hamilton's venal, avaricious Larry Vaughn, desperate to keep the Amity beaches open despite the toothy terror lurking in the ocean, is one of cinema's more fleshed-out bureaucrats. Still, that's some bad suit, Larry.

123 123 Ash's Possessed Hand
Played by: n/a
Film(s): Evil Dead II (1987)

A snickering, mocking little bastard that skitters around Sam Raimi's live-action Looney Tune, taunting Ash mercilessly. He'd give his right arm to kill it, but... well, you know.

Played by: Ivana Baquero
Film(s): Pan's Labyrinth (2006)

Ivana Baquero is unforgettable as the young girl who retreats from the horrors of the Spanish Civil War into a fairytale world that, for all its treasures, proves equally dangerous.

121 121 Alex Forrest
Played by: Glenn Close
Film(s): Fatal Attraction (1987)

Yes, Fatal Attraction is a horror - a middle-class horror, admittedly, but a horror nonetheless. Glenn Close's high maintenance bunny boiler is the sort of slasher that rich jerks who cheat on their wife, like Michael Douglas' Dan Gallagher, deserve.

120 120 Crypt Keeper
Played by: John Kassir (voice)
Film(s): Tales From The Crypt (1989)

A cackling loon ripped straight from the pages of the original EC Comics, The Crypt Keeper (voiced by John Kassir) introduces all the Tales From The Crypt movies in deliberately cheesy fashion, with puns so sharp they could poke out a mummy's eyes. He laughs at all his own jokes, like a diabolical Keith Lemon. Sorry, an even more diabolical Keith Lemon.

119 119 Jordy Verrill
Played by: Stephen King
Film(s): Creepshow (1982)

Stephen King, never averse to the odd cameo here and there, goes bigger and takes the lead role in this Creepshow segment about a buck simple farmer who slowly turns into a living plant after an alien meteor lands in his back garden. We could be mean, and say that it's easy to turn into a plant when you start off as wood, but we won't.

Professor Henry Jarrod
Played by: Vincent Price
Film(s): House Of Wax (1953)

The Price is right once more for Vincent with another one in his long line of grotesque psychopaths. This one is, essentially, The Phantom Of Madame Tussauds, a megalomaniacal and disfigured waxworks owner whose figures are startlingly lifelike.

117 117 Walter Peck
Played by: William Atherton
Film(s): Ghostbusters (1984)

It's true - this man has no dick. The ultimate meddling suit, played beautifully by William Atherton as a man so uptight that his beard is perfectly trimmed. Must use beard oil.

Gill-Man 116
Played by: Ben Chapman (land), Ricou Browning (underwater)
Film(s): Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954)

As played by two stuntmen (one for dry land scenes, the other for aqua-filming), the Gill-Man is a classic example of a movie monster who's perfectly content just milling - gilling? - about until man intervenes and starts 'ucking with his shizz.

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