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The Blair Witch 172
The Blair Witch
Played by: n/a
Film(s): The Blair Witch Project (1999)

We never see the title star of Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick's seminal movie, but her presence is felt throughout in the eerie tone, the sound design, the sense of omniscient, inescapable evil. Frankly, it's a good thing that Sanchez and Myrick never show the Witch, for nothing could have lived up to that build-up.

171 171 La Bete
Played by: Jean Marais
Film(s): La Belle & La Bête (1946)

Jean Marais may look like Chewbacca's long-lost cousin, but he's magnificent, intimidating, imperious and ultimately heartbreaking as The Beast in Jean Cocteau's peerless adaptation of the old fairytale. You will believe monsters can die of a broken heart.

170 170 The Kids
Played by: Various
Film(s): Them (2006)

After teases, tension, jolts and chases, the house-invaders terrorising the young couple in French horror Them are finally revealed to be... a gang of feral teenage boys. "Why," they ask, "won't you play with us?" The sewer climax is a proper killer...

The Crawlers 169
The Crawlers
Played by: Various
Film(s): The Descent (2005)

Go with us on this one. If Gollum met Nosferatu and had a one-night stand, the Crawlers would be the result. The vicious villains of Neil Marshall's magnificent potholing potboiler, they've put us off spelunking for life.

Played by: Shari Vinson
Film(s): You're Next (2011)

Sharni Vinson - an Australian R&B singer and the star of Step Up 3, no less - is formidable as the heroine of Adam Wingard's gore-soaked but knowing home invasion flick. Part of a party attacked seemingly at random by masked goons, Vinson's Erin turns the tables on the psychos, putting her long-honed survivalist skills to good use and coming on like a female Ash. Ashette?

Raymond Stanz 167
Raymond Stanz
Played by: Dan Aykroyd
Film(s): Ghostbusters (1984)

Dan Aykroyd's greatest role (on that we will brook no argument) is the cowardly, schlubby heart (and, lest we forget, wallet) of the Ghostbusters. Ray is a scientist with a brain the size of Spook Central, but he's also lovably, beguilingly childlike. He's the guy who falls in love with Ecto-1, the guy who can't help but think of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man at the worst possible time and, most important of all, the guy who delivers that wonderfully futile ultimatum to Gozer. Whaddaguy.

Trevor Reznik
Played by: Christian Bale
Film(s): The Machinist (2004)

Much was made of Christian Bale's weight loss for his role as the machinist seemingly haunted by apparitions in Brad Anderson's tricksy psychological thriller (modern-speak for horror, don't you know?). But there's more here than just madness to his Method; this is an emotionally searing portrait of a man coming apart at the seams.

Henry 165
Played by: Jack Nance
Film(s): Eraserhead (1977)

Jack Nance has the best hair in movie history, and one of the best existential crises as the panicky Henry, trying to come to terms with fatherhood, his place in the world and all kinds of freaky metaphors in David Lynch's startling and surreal debut.

164 164 Ginger
Played by: Katherine Isabelle
Film(s): Ginger Snaps (2000)

"I get this ache. I thought it was for sex - but it's to tear everything to fucking pieces." Katherine Isabelle there, embodying the lycanthrope-as-fizzing-puberty metaphor. She's the charge in John Fawcett's she-wolf horror: defiant, dangerous and, eventually, in need of a damn good shave.

163 163 David Burton
Played by: Richard Chamberlain
Film(s): The Last Wave (1977)

Richard Chamberlain - yes, Richard Chamberlain - shows that he can do this acting thang when he's torn away from humdrum US miniseries in Peter Weir's deeply unsettling allegorical nightmare. As the lawyer who begins to have visions of the end of the world while working on a curse involving an Aboriginal curse, Chamberlain is fantastic.

162 162 Anna
Played by: Morjana Alouai
Film(s): Martyrs (2008)

For this film alone, in which she's beaten, tortured, flayed and subjected to various indignities so undignified that they'd make Pinhead say 'Steady on, that's a bit much', Morjana Alouai is the Jenna Jameson of torture porn.

The Killer 161
The Killer
Played by: Philippe Nahon
Film(s): Haute Tension - aka Switchblade Romance (2003)

Gaspar Noe's favourite scumbag fatboy, Philippe Nahon, is cast both to type and to visceral effect as the brutal truck driver who's responsible for all the high tension in Switchblade Romance. Or is he? Etc. etc. etc.

160 160 Jesus Gris
Played by: Federico Luppi
Film(s): Cronos (1993)

Typically for Guillermo Del Toro, the recently-vampirised antique dealer Federico Luppi is a far more sympathetic character than most of the humans in Cronos.

Paul Orlac
Played by: Conrad Veidt
Film(s): The Hands Of Orlac (1935)

You need hands, so they say. Unless, of course, they're the hands of a former serial killer who might just be using them to take over your body. Conrad Veidt is fantastic as the concert pianist who receives a maniac's mitts in a hand transplant and finds himself gripped by murderous urges, madness and a momentous case of piano player's yips.

158 158 Chris Cleek
Played by: Sean Bridgers
Film(s): The Woman (2011)

He's a vile paterfamilias given to kidnapping, imprisonment and rape, but somehow Cleek is still under the delusion that he's on a civilising mission. Not a fan of anophthalmia.

157 157 Matthew Hopkins
Played by: Vincent Price
Film(s): Witchfinder General (1968)

Most Vincent Price villains were hammed up to the max, but not Matthew Hopkins. His self-appointed finder of witches (in actuality a grubby opportunist, who tortures innocents for kicks) is, perhaps, the biggest genuine monster on Price's CV.

156 156 Dr Julian Karswell
Played by: Niall McGinnis
Film(s): Night Of The Demon (1957)

The villain of Jacques Tourneur's classic film, Niall McGinnis is sly and malevolent as the devil worshipper who taunts and torments Dana Andrews' American professor with provocative words and a parchment that may or may not be cursed. The night may belong to the demon, but for the most part the film belongs to Karswell.

Paul Grogan
Played by: Bradford Dillman
Film(s): Piranha (1978)

Joe Dante's brilliant B-movie boasts many unorthodox elements; its hero, perhaps most of all. Bradford Dillman's Grogan is a somewhat drunk, somewhat reluctant hero who is not just forced into action to try to stop a school of pesky piranha, but must eventually put his life on the line.

Earl McGraw 154
Earl McGraw
Played by: Michael Parks
Film(s): From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Here's the reason why Michael Parks has been a fixture in every Tarantino movie (and why directors like Kevin Smith have been desperate to cast him) since From Dusk Till Dawn. The red herring opening of Robert Rodriguez' Tex-Mex vampire flick sees Parks' Sheriff walk into the House Of Liquor, amble up to cashier John Hawkes, and embark on a laconic, sun-sapped, far from politically correct monologue that only gets interrupted when Tarantino himself walks up and shoots him in the head. Otherwise there's a chance the good Sheriff might still be talking.

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