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The 666 Greatest Horror Characters
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248 248 John
Played by: Terry Alexander
Film(s): Day Of The Dead (1985)

Rocking a Jamaican accent and an insouciant attitude, Terry Alexander impresses as John, the level-headed helicopter (or 'whirlybird') pilot who knows all too well that the soldiers he's trapped with in a nuclear bomb silo are more dangerous than the thousands of zombies gathering outside. His monologue speculating on the cause of the Z-pocalypse isn't as iconic as Dawn's 'When there's no more room in Hell' speech, but is just as chilling.

Played by: Konstantin Khabenskiy
Film(s): Night Watch (2004)

Jason Segel lookie-likie Konstantin Khabenskiy is the most unlikely of vampire heroes, but as a relatively new member of the Night Watch, Anton displays some serious skills as he goes fang-to-fang with the dreaded Day Watch. Gobbledegook? Absolutely, but Timur Bekmambetov's movie wouldn't work nearly as well without Khabenskiy's disheveled presence at its centre.

246 246 Allan Gray
Played by: Julian May
Film(s): Vampyr (1932)

The bold, thrusting, possibly hallucinating hero of Carl Theodor Dreyer's classic silent film, Gray is one of cinema's first and most effective vampire hunters. Interestingly, he was played by Julian West, a pseudonym for Baron Nicolas de Gunzberg, who fully financed Dreyer's movie on one condition: that he be allowed to star. Don't you just hate studio interference?

245 245 Ella
Played by: Boo
Film(s): Monkey Shines (1988)

The star of George Romero's horror isn't human: it's a capuchin monkey, intended as a home-help to her quadriplegic master until raging jealousy causes her to syringe, burn and electrocute anyone who gets too close. The monkey was played by the appropriately named Boo.

244 244 Proteus IV
Played by: Robert Vaughn (voice)
Film(s): Demon Seed (1977)

HAL looks like a ZX81 next to the sinister supercomputer of Demon Seed, demanding to be "let out of its box", killing its creator and (please don't think too much here) impregnating Julie Christie with synthetic computo-sperm. Cue ultra-vile robo-baby. Robert Vaughn did the voice...

Played by: Kåre Hedebrandt
Film(s): Let The Right One In (2008)

Bullied at school, ignored at home, in constant torment... it's no surprise that when young Oskar discovers that Eli, his new next door neighbor, and best friend, is a vampire, that he embraces her, rather than running far and fast in the opposite direction. Of course, it's only at the end that we realize Oskar's ultimate fate: he's been groomed from the off to become Eli's new familiar. Still, we imagine he'll take that above being drowned in a school swimming pool by a bunch of arseholes.

242 242 David Zellaby
Played by: Martin Stephens
Film(s): Village Of The Damned (1960)

Child actor Martin Stephens, who would go on to run fingers down spines as Miles in The Innocents and, even more morbidly, become an architect in real life, is the very model of blank evil as David, the de facto leader of the creepy, telepathic, blond-haired alien children in this 1960 classic based on John Wyndham's novel.

241 241 Regina
Played by: Catherine Mary Stewart
Film(s): Night Of The Comet (1984)

What did Jesus say about the meek inheriting the Earth? He was half-right: turns out Valley Girls will inherit the Earth. Thom Eberhardt's 1980s horror-comedy gem postulates an apocalyptic event wherein 99% of the Earth's population is reduced to dust by a passing comet, 99% of the remaining 1% is turned into ravenous zombies, and the remaining 1% of the 1% is composed of scientists, flash jocks and Valley Girl sisters Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney, the type of California kids who like to go shopping and play arcade games first, and save the world second.

240 240 Bill Whitney
Played by: Billy Warlock
Film(s): Society (1989)

Just your normal, average, 17 year old, afflicted with concerns that he's alone, isolated, misunderstood, that his entire family and their wider circle of hoity-toity rich friends are forming a murky clique of shape-shifting shaggers. Of course, in this case those concerns are all too real. This is the best thing Billy Warlock ever did, including 46 episodes of Baywatch and 236 episodes of General Hospital.

Dr. Watt 239
Dr. Watt
Played by: Kenneth Williams
Film(s): Carry On Screaming! (1966)

Kenneth Williams is - yes, we're going there; it's what he would have wanted - an ashen-faced scream as the undead master scientist who's the head of Carry On's oddest family. Nostrils flaring even more than usual, Williams also gets an exit line that's the equal of his 'Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!' from Carry On Cleo. Frying tonight, indeed.

238 238 Charlie McGee
Played by: Drew Barrymore
Film(s): Firestarter (1984)

Drew Barrymore - then in her cute-as-a-button phase - did a complete 180 for her first role since E.T., as the pyrokinetic little girl manipulated by the CIA in this Stephen King adaptation. The script's not great, the effects not much better, but when Charlie flips out, Carrie-style, at the end and rains flaming vengeance upon her captors, Barrymore glowers like a champ.

237 237 Driver
Played by: Luke Evans
Film(s): No One Lives (2013)

The idea of flipping a slasher film so that we identify with, and maybe even root for, the Myers/Voorhees figure is no longer a new one, but Luke Evans' Driver - the anti-hero of Ryuhei Kitamura's gore-drenched revenge flick - is more interesting than most. He's a quip-happy serial killer who knows his way around a knife and other murder weapons, knowledge he uses to pick off a gang of goons one-by-one. If Evans had been like this in Fast Six, they'd still be fishing bits of Dom Toretto out of the Thames.

Marion Crane
Played by: Janet Leigh
Film(s): Psycho (1960)

She's the most famous bather in movie history, but Janet Leigh's Marion Crane is so much more than that. She's one of the very finest Hitchcock blondes, a complex creation - flirty, flighty, occasionally sarcastic - who starts the film by breaking the law (stealing $40,000) and going on the lam. It's a nice plan, until she finds out that there are worse things in the world than thieves. Much, much worse.

235 235 Lola
Played by: Robin McLeavy
Film(s): The Loved Ones (2009)

If torture porn has a king, it's probably that human centipede fella. If it has a queen, it's Lola, the teenage dream who bungee-jumped off sanity and cut the cord on the way down. Now she likes to abduct boys, bring them home, drive knives into their feet and carve her initials into their chests. We always suspected that everything in Australia could kill you. Looks like we were right.

234 234 Angel de la Guardia
Played by: Ron Perlman
Film(s): Cronos (1993)

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Ron Perlman started his fruitful working relationship with Guillermo del Toro by playing an utter, utter bastard. Don't be fooled by the name: de la Guardia is far from angelic. If anything, he's hell, boy; a thuggish mobster, the sort of guy who throws old men into the trunks of cars and then pushes them off cliffs. Perlman is suitably loathsome in the role.

233 233 Dr Ernest Hubbs
Played by: Nigel Davenport
Film(s): Phase IV (1974)

When super-intelligent ants (intelligants?) start working together for some unknown purpose, two scientists head out to the Arizona desert to see what's what. It's Nigel Davenport as the Brit boffin, Dr. Hubbs, who really goes off the rails, declaring a one-man war on the ants. He's gonna need a bigger can of Raid...

The Father
Played by: Richard Jenkins
Film(s): Let Me In (2010)

As the haunted familiar trapped in an endless cycle of murder and mayhem, all in a desperate attempt to feed/cover up for his immortal charge, the ever-dependable Richard Jenkins is, arguably, the only character in Matt Reeves' remake of Let The Right One In who's an upgrade on the Swedish equivalent.

231 231 George Lutz
Played by: James Brolin
Film(s): The Amityville Horror (1979)

Whether or not you believe that the Lutz family actually experienced supernatural events when they moved into their new home in Amityville, it's hard not to be impressed by James Brolin's performance as a good man plagued by visions and fast reaching the end of his tether. Ryan Reynolds' performance as Lutz in the remake is also noteworthy, if less subtle. The real-life Lutz, incidentally, died in 2006.

230 230 Brigitte
Played by: Emily Perkins
Film(s): Ginger Snaps (2000)

Katharine Isabelle's Ginger, being more overtly sexual and werewolf-y, got all the focus and attention both inside the film and when it was released, but in many ways Emily Perkins, as Ginger's repressed, death-obsessed sister, is the film's beating heart.

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