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The 666 Greatest Horror Characters
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Henrietta Knowby 305
Henrietta Knowby
Played by: Lou Hancock, Ted Raimi
Film(s): Evil Dead II (1987)

A cellar-dwelling one-eyed she-bitch, Henrietta (played by Lou Hancock as a lovable granny, Ted Raimi as a possessed Deadite, and plasticine as a giraffe-necked monster) only wants one thing: to swallow your soul. Feed her shotgun shells instead.

Agent Lloyd Gallagher 304
Agent Lloyd Gallagher
Played by: Kyle MacLachlan
Film(s): The Hidden (1987)

It's soon revealed why Kyle MacLachlan's quirky, fast-car-loving FBI agent seems so otherworldly in Jack Sholder's B-movie classic, but what's so impressive is how MacLachlan's impassive demeanour lends itself to fish-out-of-water comedy and, more trickily, heart-tugging tragedy.

303 303 Eddie Quist
Played by: Robert Picardo
Film(s): The Howling (1981)

Joe Dante regular Robert Picardo is on top scumbag form as the sniveling serial killer who's a complete lunatic even before we find out he's a werewolf. It may not surprise you to find that Eddie ultimately winds up on the wrong end of a silver bullet; it may surprise you to learn that the man who fires that bullet is Dennis Dugan, director of Happy Gilmore (and Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2).

Arthur Kipps
Played by: Daniel Radcliffe
Film(s): The Woman In Black (2012)

Defying expectations (patronums), Daniel Radcliffe showed that there was life after Potter as the young solicitor who becomes the target of the eponymous dread dame. All those years spent pretending to be scared on the Potter set paid off in spades, as Kipps is spooked at every turn by, seemingly, everything.

301 301 Ana
Played by: Ana Torrent
Film(s): The Spirit Of The Beehive (1973)

A young girl who decides to tune out of the horrors of the Spanish Civil War by fixating on a fantasy? It's clear that Ana (played memorably by Ana Torrent) was a big influence on Guillermo del Toro when he created Pan's Labyrinth's Ofelia, as was Victor Erice's classic. In this case, the fantasy into which the young girl retreats is inspired by an early viewing of Frankenstein, an identification with the Creature, and a heartbreaking but utterly unique view of what it is to be dead.

Played by: Shauna MacDonald
Film(s): The Descent (2005)

Much has been made about The Descent's villains, the Crawlers, and yes they're on this list. But what makes Neil Marshall's film work is its lead characters, in particular Shauna MacDonald's Sarah, a woman desperately trying to survive a mental onslaught - images of her recently-killed daughter, and the revelation that her best mate was sleeping with her husband - as well as the physical, and barely holding it together.

299 299 Uncle Frank (Skinless)
Played by: Oliver Smith
Film(s): Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 (1988)

This incarnation of Frank even trumps the Cenobites in the extraordinary make-up stakes.

298 298 Mary Mason
Played by: Katharine Isabelle
Film(s): American Mary (2012)

Katharine Isabelle on fine unhinged form as a medical student who learns to stop worrying and love the scalpel as a black market surgeon who’ll rearrange your face, your arms, your everything... for a price. None of this would have happened under Obamacare.

297 297 Mick Taylor
Played by: John Jarratt
Film(s): Wolf Creek (2005)

Here's an illustration of the banality of evil: death comes in the form of a matey outbacker. He won't necessarily even kill you straight away, but ending up as a head on a stick is not necessarily any improvement.

296 296 Butcher
Played by: Philippe Nahon
Film(s): Carne (1991), Irreversible (2002), Seul Contre Tous (1998)

Nahon's Butcher (credited simply as "L'homme" in Irreversible) is a truly monstrous embodiment of rage and despair in Gaspar Noé's films. His cameo at the beginning of Irreversible is, chronologically, the film's awful punchline.

295 295 Harry Cooper
Played by: Karl Hardman
Film(s): Night Of The Living Dead (1968)

Forget the bloodthirsty ghouls hammering on the makeshift barricades: the real villain of Night Of The Living Dead, as with all of George A. Romero's Dead movies, is us. And in Night Of The Living Dead, it's principally Harry Cooper (the brilliantly named Karl Hardman), a vindictive, spiteful slug of a man who, while admittedly suffering from stress (his daughter is seriously ill, post-bite), makes it his business to get in the face of the hero, Ben. The irony of the situation? When the dust settles, Cooper's theory about retreating to the basement, rather than heading upstairs, is proved correct. He's just not around to see it.

Amanda 294
Played by: Shawnee Smith
Film(s): Saw (2004), Saw 3D (2010), Saw II (2005), Saw III (2006), Saw IV (2007), Saw V (2008), Saw VI (2009)

One of Jigsaw's earliest targets - she's the only person to escape one of his death traps at first - becomes his greatest protégé. She proves over-zealous, however. Far from the final piece of the wotsit.

Played by: Michael Smiley
Film(s): Kill List (2011)

Dane Bowers may not agree, but Michael Smiley is magnificent as the jocular and charming Northern Irish hitman who quickly finds himself way in over his head when he and his raw, unstable partner start working, unwittingly, for a pagan death cult. The bond between Gal and Jay (Neil Maskell) is one of the best depictions of male friendship in horror films - and you can take that to the blood bank.

292 292 Klove
Played by: Philip Latham
Film(s): Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966)

Devoted servant of Dracula, but a potently weird presence on his own, Klove provides the creep factor for a large amount of screen time before Christopher Lee appears.

Mocata 291
Played by: Charles Gray
Film(s): The Devil Rides Out (1968)

The incomparable Gray is so good as the leader of a satanic cult that he almost makes you root for evil to triumph.

290 290 Asa
Played by: Barbara Steele
Film(s): Black Sunday (1960)

A beautiful witch is memorably killed at the beginning of the film by being burnt after having a mask with spikes on the inside hammered onto her face. She comes back, not best pleased and determined to gain control of a lookalike descendant's body.

289 289 Dr Mabuse
Played by: Rudolf Klein Rogge
Film(s): Dr Mabuse: The Gambler (1922), The Testament Of Dr Mabuse (1933)

Dr Mabuse is a sort of Moriarty-like 'Napoleon of crime', with the added bonus of being a shit-hot telepath and hypnotist.

Baby Jane
Played by: Bette Davis
Film(s): What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? (1962)

Face caked in make-up and bearing a perma-snarl, Bette Davis is both terrifying and tragic as the alcoholic former child star who torments her sister (Joan Crawford), physically and emotionally, while mourning her lost career, looks and sanity. The answer to the film's question is, quite simply, 'She went mental'.

Played by: Michael Smiley
Film(s): A Field In England (2013)

"The Devil is an Irishman," says Reece Shearsmith's Whitehead of Michael Smiley's O'Neill, and he's not wrong. Literally dragged into Ben Wheatley's black-and-white psychedelic nightmare on the other end of a rope (from God knows where), Smiley's cruel, sniping shaman manipulates, possesses, tortures and hectors Whitehead and his colleagues in a way that would simply horrify Tyres from Spaced.

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