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The 666 Greatest Horror Characters
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The Collector
Played by: Billy Zane
Film(s): Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight (1995)

Listen to your friend Billy Zane, as he has heaps of fun as the smooth, sarcastic and ultimately rage-filled, demonic Collector. With a one-liner for every occasion, it's a performance that will drive you inZane! (Sorry. Oh God, we're sorry.)

Mick 646
Played by: Don Scardino
Film(s): Squirm (1976)

If Woody Allen had ever been let loose in a horror film, the end result might have been something akin to Don Scardino's performance in Jeff Lieberman's killer worm movie. As a New Yorker who visits the Deep South for some hanky-panky with his penpal, Scardino's bespectacled hero pisses off the locals with requests for egg cream, rubs the Sheriff up the wrong way, gives us a glimpse at his milky-white man-nipples, and spends most of the time looking nervous. Scardino, now a successful director (he helmed The Incredible Burt Wonderstone and LOADS of 30 Rock), is magnificent as the biggest worm of all.

645 645 Marcus Daly
Played by: David Hemmings
Film(s): Profundo Rosso - aka Deep Red (1975)

David Hemmings' disillusioned piano teacher is given a new sense of purpose when he starts investigating a series of grisly murders in, arguably, Dario Argento's greatest giallo. Hemmings is superb as a man attempting to find a lost part of himself by being a hero, something that doesn't always work out for the best.

644 644 Brett
Played by: Jack O'Connell
Film(s): Eden Lake (2008)

Jack O’Connell’s cold-blooded chav, randomly terrorising and torturing middle-class holidaymakers on an apparent whim, is the sort of tyke that keeps Daily Mail readers awake at night. THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU. #BrokenBritain

643 643 Dennis
Played by: Matthew Helms
Film(s): Cabin Fever (2002)

"Pancakes!" Eli Roth's debut film has at its centre a cadre of utterly repellent, self-serving assholes who you can't wait to see tear each other apart, so thank the Lord for Matthew Helms' Dennis. He's a barely human, kung-fu kicking human tornado who's a spot-on parody of the type of backwoods hicks you usually find in movies like this.

642 642 Leslie Vernon
Played by: Nathan Baesel
Film(s): Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon (2006)

A neat attempt to spoof Jason, Freddy et al, Vernon (Nathan Baesel) is a budding movie serial killer who trains himself in the arcane arts of stalking nubile teenagers. He's failed in one key area, though: no sequel has been forthcoming since the first movie in 2006. Michael Myers is so judging him right now.

641 641 The Priest
Played by: Gareth Tunley
Film(s): Kill List (2011)

We don't know what's more unsettling about the first person Jay & Gal tick off their kill list in Ben Wheatley's doom-laden horror: the fact that he's a priest, and therefore conjures up all kinds of images of the immoral degradation he must have undertaken in order to be executed; the fact that, like all their victims, he takes his imminent death very calmly, even making sure to say thank you before having his brains beaten in; or that he's played by Gareth Tunley, aka Gog from Peep Show. Actually, we do know - it's the last one.

Dr. Frederick Chilton
Played by: Anthony Heald
Film(s): The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Anthony Heald's oleaginous bureaucrat is so detestable that we cheer when he winds up on Hannibal Lecter's grocery list.

639 639 Hare Krishna Zombie
Played by: Mike Christopher
Film(s): Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Dawn of the Dead features zombies of all shapes and sizes (clown zombie!), but pride of place goes to this little fella who, even when he corners someone in a room, shows no real inclination to eat them. Peace and love, brother, peace and love.

638 638 Waxwork Man
Played by: David Warner
Film(s): Waxwork (1988)

David Warner is a hoot as the evil owner of the supernatural waxwork dungeon in Anthony Hickox's enjoyable slice of schlock, delivering every one of his lines with a sneer that seems to hint at his feelings about the material.

Evil Ash 637
Evil Ash
Played by: Bruce Campbell
Film(s): Army Of Darkness (1992)

OK, so he's never a credible threat to Good Ash, but Bruce Campbell is clearly having such a blast as the dastardly Deadite, loaded with cheesy one-liners and a cheesier complexion, that we never really care.

Spoon 636
Played by: Darren Morfitt
Film(s): Dog Soldiers (2002)

One of Dog Soldiers' most memorable platoon members, yes, but more importantly, a character we've always suspected Neil Marshall named thus just so he could contrive a Matrix joke. There is no Spoon, indeed.

635 635 Zelda
Played by: Andrew Hubatsek
Film(s): Pet Sematary (1989)

Rachel Creed's disabled sister, hidden away like a dirty secret in a back room, is the true stuff of nightmares (and nightmarish flashbacks). She's made all the more weirdly grotesque by the fact that she's played by a guy, Andrew Hubatsek.

Countess Zaleska
Played by: Gloria Holden
Film(s): Dracula's Daughter (1936)

A stately performance by Gloria Holden, with surprisingly erotic Sapphic undertones: her bite really is rather more like a kiss.

Dr. Glendon 633
Dr. Glendon
Played by: Henry Hull
Film(s): Werewolf of London (1935)

As Warren Zevon might have it, 'Aaoooooo! Werewolf of London!'. An early Universal Wolfman attempt, make-up genius Jack Pierce was forced to rein in his design to allow Henry Hull more facial expression. His original, preferred design would turn up later on Lon Chaney Jr.

Pyramid Head 632
Pyramid Head
Played by: Robert Campanella
Film(s): Silent Hill (2006)

This was dark surrealism via game designer Masahiro Ito, film-version director Christophe Gans and actor Roberto Campanella, the poor bastard who has to be menacing with a pyramid for a head. Sufficiently iconic to return in the sequel.

631 631 The Creature
Played by: Isabelle Chasse
Film(s): Martyrs (2008)

This is indescribable horror, assayed by Isabelle Chasse, from Pascal Laugier's indescribable Martyrs. She plays a victim of the film's existentialist secret society, and their "guest", seemingly for decades.

630 630 Captain Spaulding
Played by: Sid Haig
Film(s): Devil's Rejects (2005), House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

Sid Haig's scruffbag clown - named after Groucho Marx's character in Animal Crackers - displays jollity that can turn to malevolence in seconds. He does a good line in fried chicken too. What's the matter? Don't you like clowns? Don't they amuse you? Aren't they fucking funny?

629 629 Laurie Strode
Played by: Scout Taylor Compton
Film(s): Halloween (2007), Halloween II (2009)

A decent stab at a tricky role, in Halloween 2 especially, Scout Taylor Compton here attempts to explore how surviving as a slasher victim might affect someone. Audiences complained that she was unlikeable, but that was the point.

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