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362 362 Lady In The Bathtub (Room 237)
Played by: Lia Beldam / Billie Gibson
Film(s): The Shining (1980)

"Don't go in Room 237," Dick Hallorann warns Danny Torrance early on in The Shining. It's a warning that Danny's dad, Jack, doesn't heed, venturing in to find a gorgeous naked woman reclining in the bathtub. She climbs out, embraces Jack, and then Kubrick pulls a classic bait-and-switch, as the nubile nude transmogrifies into a cackling, fungal witch, hammering away at the fine line suspending Jack's sanity.

361 361 Elise Rainier
Played by: Lin Shaye
Film(s): Insidious (2010)

Most people spotted that James Wan and Leigh Whannell's Insidious was something of a Poltergeist tribute band - that wasn't difficult - but missed that it was also a Poltergeist II riff. And, continuing that theme, Lin Shaye's Elise is a mash-up as well, of Zelda Rubinstein's eerie mystic, Tangina, giving the haunted Lamberts her expert guidance on the spirit world, and Beatrice Straight's kind, gentle, less eccentric Dr. Lesh.

Played by: Boris Karloff
Film(s): The Mummy (1932)

Not the Arnold Vosloo vintage, thank God, but Boris Karloff's stab at unraveling the Mummy's bandages and finding the beating heart within. Boris was billed in promotional materials as KARLOFF THE UNCANNY. Amazingly, his performance lives up to that.

359 359 Victor Crowley
Played by: Kane Hodder
Film(s): Hatchet (2006)

The strength of a shirehorse. The mind of a child. And a face like a crushed-in Cornish Pasty. Here's Kane 'Jason' Hodder, sending up his slasher persona as the deformed, deranged New Orleans swamp killer, ripping fratboys in half like a, er, fleshy newspaper. Axe-cellent. Cough.

358 358 Ben Childress
Played by: John Cassavetes
Film(s): The Fury (1978)

John Cassavetes - very much in one-for-them mode - is a virtual panto villain in Brian De Palma's telekinetic shocker, playing an unscrupulous CIA agent who has one of the more memorable death scenes in De Palma's canon - and that's saying something.

357 357 Robert Neville
Played by: Charlton Heston
Film(s): The Omega Man (1971)

Who better to play the last human alive - an indomitable scientist-warrior who enjoys the finer things in life by day, and wards off mutant vampire bastards at night - than Charlton Heston? After all, he is legend.

356 356 Dren
Played by: Delphine Chanéac
Film(s): Splice (2009)

A metaphor for pained parenthood manifests itself in the form of Dren, a constantly-evolving DNA hybrid created by Adrien Brody's half-mad scientist. Think Frankenstein's Monster meets Rosemary's Baby meets Eraserhead meets supermodel meets hamster. Or something.

Emily Rose
Played by: Jennifer Carpenter
Film(s): The Exorcism Of Emily Rose (2005)

Scott Derrickson's supremely creepy and under-rated flick is responsible for several things: a sense of dread every time Empire wakes up at 3am, and Jennifer Carpenter's career. She's sensational here, a force of primal nature, as the poor farm girl who - seemingly possessed by a demon - dies during a harrowing exorcism.

354 354 Nada
Played by: Roddy Piper
Film(s): They Live (1988)

As the drifter who stumbles upon a box of magic sunglasses that unveil an alien conspiracy to enslave mankind, Rowdy 'Roddy' Piper is here to do just two things: chew bubblegum, kick ass, and have the world's longest fight scene. OK, he's here to do three things: chew bubblegum, kick ass, have the world's longest fight scene, look ridiculously cool and... dammit, that's four things. Long story short: he's all out of bubblegum.

353 353 John Russell
Played by: George C. Scott
Film(s): The Changeling (1980)

It's interesting how often George C. Scott was drawn towards horror in his career, what with this, The Exorcist III and Firestarter. He's fantastic here as a composer who moves into a spooky old house and has to - ahem - compose himself as he encounters the ghost of a murdered child, manifesting itself through smashed mirrors, slamming doors and, most heart-stopping of all, a HAUNTED WHEELCHAIR.

Creighton Duke 352
Creighton Duke
Played by: Steven Williams
Film(s): Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday (1993)

The ninth Friday The 13th movie (the second to have the word 'final' in the title, although not the last in the series) introduces several new strands: a vaguely self-aware, parodic element; some unbelievably elaborate guff about the Voorhees bloodline and magic daggers; and Steven Williams' Creighton Duke, a bounty hunter who's more than a match for Jason. Or, at least, he thinks he is. Still, he has more chutzpah and quotable lines than any Jason antagonist since Tommy Jarvis, and Williams is a lot of fun.

351 351 Robert Ledgard
Played by: Antonio Banderas
Film(s): The Skin I Live In (2011)

Antonio Banderas is wonderfully deadpan doolally as the demented plastic surgeon who moulds Elena Anaya's Vera into a living doll of his dead wife in Pedro Almodóvar's first venture into Gothic horror. It's actually way more twisted than it seems: imagine a really horny Dr. Frankenstein and you're still only halfway there.

350 350 Barbara
Played by: Patricia Tallman
Film(s): Night Of The Living Dead (1990)

One of the notable changes for Tom Savini's remake of his pal George Romero's groundbreaking zombie flick was to beef up its heroine, with Patricia Tallman a significantly tougher proposition than Judith Dea's simpering victim-in-waiting. At times she comes on like a poor man's Ripley, but Tallman is one of the most interesting things about Savini's version.

Baby Selwyn 349
Baby Selwyn
Played by: n/a
Film(s): Braindead (1992)

Demon babies, zombie babies, mutant babies - horror's done 'em all. But it's rarely come up with a little bleeder as nasty as Baby Selwyn in Peter Jackson's ultimate splatfest. Salacious Crumb in a babygro, a walking advert for contraception, a toddler of terror, Selwyn is utterly hilarious, a Looney Tunes character who's parachuted into the middle of Jackson's film and allowed to run amok. Can't wait for his terrible twos.

348 348 Francis Dellamorte
Played by: Rupert Everett
Film(s): Cemetery Man (1994)

Rupert Everett as an gun-toting cemetery caretaker cursed to bury corpses, then dispatch them when they return as zombies? This should not have worked at all. But Dellamorte is a brilliant creation, tinged with insanity and existential despair.

347 347 Frank
Played by: James Karen
Film(s): The Return Of The Living Dead (1985)

It's hard to stand out in a film peopled by eccentrics and talking zombies, but James Karen manages it, finding a rich seam of comedy in Frank, a mortuary worker who finds himself slowly turning into a zombie. And, unusually for a movie with its tongue wedged in its cheek, there's genuine pathos here, too, when Frank euthanises himself.

Sidney Prescott
Played by: Neve Campbell
Film(s): Scream (1996), Scream 2 (1997), Scream 3 (2000), Scream 4 (2011)

How can the same shit happen to the same Scream Queen four times? Most horror heroines are simpering, uptight virgins, just ripe for the slaughter, but from the off Neve Campbell's Sidney Prescott stood out from the crowd as a resourceful and plucky heroine determined not to let any of the numerous Ghostfaces who've zeroed in on her have their day. And by Scream 4 she's developed a nice ruthless streak, too. Don't fuck with the original, indeed.

Pennywise 345
Played by: Tim Curry
Film(s): It (1990)

If anyone ever tries to convince you that clowns aren't minions of Beelzebub himself, then show them Tim Curry in this TV movie based on Stephen King's novel, and watch them try to claw their own eyes out in fear.

Sgt. Wells
Played by: Sean Pertwee
Film(s): Dog Soldiers (2002)

Ah, yes, The 'Twee makes a welcome appearance on the list. His Sgt. Wells is utterly hardcore, the kind of man who'll put up a fight against rampaging werewolves despite the fact that his intestines are hanging out of a jagged stomach wound. "They won't fucking fit!" snarls Pertwee. Give this man a knighthood.

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