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The 666 Greatest Horror Characters
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Mrs. Ganush
Played by: Lorna Raver
Film(s): Drag Me To Hell (2009)

Not content with denying Aunt May a bank loan in Spider-Man 2, Sam Raimi returned to financial torture of the elderly in Drag Me To Hell. But Mrs. Ganush (played by the wonderfully named Lorna Raver) doesn't take her rejection lying down. She's a marvellously malevolent old bat, twisted enough to put an ancient curse on Alison Lohman and then peg it before the curse can be lifted. You get the sense that she died happy.

437 437 Evil Ed
Played by: Stephen Geoffreys
Film(s): Fright Night (1985)

Stephen Geoffreys perfectly nails the angst and suffering of a teen who can't find his place in the world in Tom Holland's vampire flick. His catchphrase - a howled 'You're so cool, Brewster!' - is a belter. Geoffreys' career went to interesting places post-Fright Night. Google it, if you don't believe us, but make sure your boss isn't looking over your shoulder, as it's seriously NSFW.

436 436 Dr. Millard Rausch
Played by: Richard France
Film(s): Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

"Dummies! Dummies!" The world may be going to hell in a handbasket, but Richard France's one-eyed snob, bellowing insults at inferiors on a threadbare TV news programme, enlivens proceedings enormously. Give the man his own show. Interestingly, Romero doesn't remember giving this character a name.

Played by: Oscar Casas
Film(s): The Orphanage (2007)

Much like Santi in The Devil's Backbone, made by Guillermo del Toro who then mentored Juan Antonio Bayona as he made this film, Tomas is an orphanage ghost with a tragic history, but he has the extra scare factor of a grotesquely decorated bag on his head.

434 434 Krogh
Played by: Lionel Atwill
Film(s): Son Of Frankenstein (1939)

Krogh's struggles with his artificial arm are unintentional comedy gold, mined for years afterwards by the likes of Peter Sellers and Mel Brooks in Young Frankenstein.

Marlow 433
Played by: Danny Huston
Film(s): 30 Days Of Night (2007)

Channeling Nosferatus of days gone by, there's still something uniquely toxic about 30 Days' needle-toothed vampire patrician, played with authority by Huston. The actor left twisted drawings, dictionaries of monsters and fake vampire teeth around his hotel room all through shooting, seriously alarming the hotel staff.

432 432 Mademoiselle
Played by: Catherine Bégin
Film(s): Martyrs (2008)

The head of Martyrs' dastardly secret society, it's fair to say that Mademoiselle is not a great one for sharing revelatory information.

431 431 Alice Mary Thompson
Played by: Jacqueline Pearce
Film(s): The Plague Of The Zombies (1966)

One of two great Hammer performances by Jacqueline "Servalan" Pearce, her emergence from the grave here is especially memorable and, for Hammer, surprisingly frightening.

430 430 Walker
Played by: Sheila Keith
Film(s): House Of Whipcord (1974)

Sheila Keith again, this time as a butch lesbian prison wardress with a fondness for strict discipline.

429 429 Dad Madden
Played by: Ben Cross
Film(s): Paperhouse (1988)

A drawing of an intimidating father is amped up to terrifying levels in the Paperhouse's dreamscape. Scribbling him out only makes him worse.

Riff Raff
Played by: Richard O'Brien
Film(s): The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

What? It's a horror! Says so in the title. And The Rocky Horror Show's creator gave himself the role of the Ygor character, hunching around the Frank-N-Furter mansion and presiding over impromptu song and dance numbers. He turns out to have a hidden agenda, however...

427 427 Mater Lachrymarum
Played by: Ania Pieroni
Film(s): Inferno (1980)

Credited only as "The Music Student", the third mother breaks out her spellbinding stare during a recital in this Argento effort. We see more of her in the much later The Mother of Tears, this time played by Moran Atias.

426 426 The Prowler
Played by: Bob Clark / Nick Mancuso
Film(s): Black Christmas (1974)

The most freakish moments in Black Christmas, a stalker that pre-dates Halloween, are purely aural, as the multi-voiced schizophrenic prowler Billy (played by director Bob Clark and, to emphasise his dual nature, Nick Mancuso) shrieks down the phone line.

Jebedia Loven 425
Jebedia Loven
Played by: Michael Cerveris
Film(s): Stake Land (2010)

Leader of fundamentalist Christian militia cult The Brotherhood, Jebedia is played by Michael Cerveris. He's like David Koresh after the vampire apocalypse.

424 424 Socket
Played by: Alexa Marcigliano
Film(s): The Woman (2011)

An eyeless girl raised as a dog, Socket is more horrifying for her life story than anything she does.

Played by: Charlotte Gainsbourg
Film(s): Antichrist (2009)

Few people have committed so thoroughly to going off the deep end on screen as Charlotte Gainsbourg, whose grieving mother retreats to the woods, goes insane, and picks up a happy new hobby: genital mutilation of her husband. Fun!

422 422 Blacula
Played by: William Marshall
Film(s): Blacula (1972)

At the height of the blaxploitation boom, William Marshall gave us this super-camp afro-vamp, an African prince-turned-jugular-chewer, terrorising LA to a fang-ky R&B soundtrack.

421 421 Shagal, The Inn-Keeper
Played by: Alfie Bass
Film(s): The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967)

British comedian Alfie Bass is a hoot as the innkeeper who, once vampirised, immediately becomes a randy old goat who couldn't give two hoots about the daughter he once idolised. He also gives a wry answer to the age-old question: can crucifixes ward off Jewish bloodsuckers? "Oy vey," he tells the object of his affections as she waves a cross at him, "you've got the wrong vampire!"

Played by: Tom Cruise
Film(s): Interview With The Vampire (1994)

Before Batfleck, before Christian Greygate, before came the controversy over the casting of Tom Cruise as the vampire Lestat, the stately, elegant, sexy hero of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles series. Back then, of course, there was no internet, but that still didn't stop fans from venting their spleen... and Rice herself joined in. "I was particularly stunned by the casting of Cruise, who is no more my Vampire Lestat than Edward G. Robinson is Rhett Butler." She backtracked after the movie was released, because Cruise is excellent in a role that could prove tricky in the wrong hands (just ask Stuart Townsend). Brooding yet playful, flamboyant and charismatic, it's enough to make us think that Edward G. Robinson would have been an excellent Rhett Butler.

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